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Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster High Scaris City of Frights Frankie

Today I wanted to share Monster High Scaris city of Frights Frankie Stein with you. Frankie has long, layered, slightly wavy black and white hair and dark blue lips. She is wearing yellow sunglasses with lightening blots across the top and sides and a yellow dangling earring. Frankie has on a long blue shirt, with pink trim down the front and the bottom. It has black trim on the sleeves and a black belt at the waist. The shirt has black Eiffel Towers and black sprockets on it. She is wearing a white skirt with blue stitches and black trim at the bottom, with black high heeled boots with a lightening bolt on the side. She comes with a blue suitcase  that is made to look like a machine with a lightening bolt handle, and a trip diary. This line comes with a black stand which is nice since one wasn't included in other recent lines.

The back of the box features the other ghouls in the main Scaris line and a small diary excerpt.