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Friday, November 9, 2012

J C Penney exclusive MH Draculaura Roadster set

On one of my recent (doll) shopping adventures, I finally found the J C Penney exclusive Monster High Draculaura Roadster set. I always enjoy finding the exclusives, and this one did not disappoint. We will start with the Roadster, it looks similar to the Sweet 1600 roadster but not the same. It has  a cobweb and bow design on each fender and pink heart shaped headlights with cobwebs in them. The hood of the car also has the cobweb design with bats and bows, and two pink stripes that lead to a pink heart. The front of the car has a pink heart design with a pink bat hood ornament. The car has a pink windshield and two hearts on the side of the car to the lower left of the driver side door. The bottom of the car is pink and the black part of the car is designed to resemble black paint poured of the pink. The seats are pink and made to look like they are quilted with a heart on the headrest, and the seat belt buckles are shaped like bows. The steering wheel has a skullette design in the middle and the turn signal also has a skullette on it.The Draculaura doll is adorable with her short hair that is curled out, and she seems to have more pink highlights than usual. She is wearing a black and pink dress with a heart design and a pink bow tie. The dress has black mesh at the bottom and at the neck. The outfit is finished of with pink heels and cute pink sunglasses made to look like a bow. Her eyes are a pink and purple color with pink eyeshadow and a little bit of glitter, and her lips are a mauve color which looks great on her. This doll has to be one of my favorite Draculaura dolls, I love the little details in her outfit and the lip color is amazing.


see the cute seat belt buckles
pretty lip color