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Monday, June 29, 2015

American Girl GoTY 2016

Update January 3, 2016
By now I think we are all very excited for Lea. I ventured to Americal Girl Place Washington DC on release day and took some photos with my phone.
Rainforest house

Lea's Hiking outfit (I had to buy this one)

Lea in part of her swim set
Lea's fruit stand

Lea's mix and match swim set

Lea's kayak set

Lea in her meet outfit

Lea's earrings

Update December 2015:
The cover for the first book has been leaked and you can view it at the sight below.

Update August 25:
The title's of the GotY books are out on Amazon, GotY Leads the Way
GotY dives in and GotY and Camila. GotY and Camila is the March book release and is the only one with a description available. From the description though we now know the the 2016 GotY is from St.Louis.
It was also revealed in the description for the three book boxed set that the GotY travels to Brazil.

Update June 24:
A seller from China had a new mini doll listed earlier on eBay (the listing has been removed). The mini doll had what appeared to be a medium Josefina mold with dark blonde hair and what looked like grey eyes (it's hard to tell from the picture). She was wearing a brightly colored patterned sundress. There was another sundress that was on eBay that is rumored to belong to the 2016 GoTY, it was a purple tie-dye.
The name Gabriela has been trademarked by Mattel for American Girl and is the rumored name for GoTY 2016. It was also stated in the auditions for GoTY 2016 that she is mixed race.

I'm looking forward to seeing Gabriela (if that's her name), and I hope she has a captivating story and diverse interests.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

American Girl Summer Release

It has been a busy week or so for American Girl fans, a lot of new items were revealed. 
First we have Grace's sightseeing outfit, which is the outfit she is wearing on the cover of her third book (this is my favorite outfit from her collection). Then we have her sightseeing accessories, a poncho, boots and blue heart shaped sunglasses. 
Addy received a new night gown, bed and bedding set. All of her new things are lovely and feature her new signature blue.
Kit received a new bed and bedding set (love the design on the comforter), radio with accessories, and one piece pajamas. I really like her new pajamas.
Josefina received a new bed and bedding, night gown (with orange accents) and nighttime accessories which includes the return of her doll Nina.
Julie received a new bed,bedding, a daisy vanity, and new zig zag pajamas.
Rebecca received new satin pajamas (very cute) and a bed room accessories set that contains dominos and nesting dolls (my favorite new set).
Truly Me received a Sparkle Sweater outfit, Recess Ready outfit, hot lunch set, crock pot dinner set, telescope, sports equipment storage bench set, a terrier puppy (I think it is supposed to be a Yorkie, but I'm not sure). The Truly Me line also received a new Halloween Mod Monster costume, it looks like she is suppose to be the Bride of Frankenstein.

I really like all the new reveals especially the return of the bed room accessory sets.
What is your favorite thing from the sneak peek reveals?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Monster High San Diego Comic Con Exclusive

Matty Collector announced the SDCC Monster High exclusive(s) and it is a villains two pack and a Nefera vinyl. The villains are Valentine and Whisp and according to they are looking for a chance at redemption. Valentine was the main antagonist in Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love and Whisp was the main antagonist in 13 Wishes. 
There has been a lot of fuss in recent years about Mattel debuting new characters as the SDCC exclusives instead of special editions of pre-existing characters.
The exclusive vinyl is new this year and features the villainous, elder De Nile sister in her Boo York Boo York outfit. There has not been a lot of Nefera merchandise so a vinyl of her is a nice change.
 The voucher pre-order for the villan 2 pack has already sold out but you can view a photo of it and the exclusive vinyl at

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Ever After High Doll

Since the launch of Ever After High there has been an exclusive character only available at San Diego Comic Con. The character for last year was an alternate reality Cerise Hood, daughter of the Big Bad Wolf (instead of Little Red Riding Hood). This year's character was revealed on after several images were leaked and she is an alternate reality Raven Queen. The Evil Queen Raven is what would happen if she accepted her destiny and became the next Evil Queen.
What do you think of this year's exclusive?

Monster High Iris Clops Toys R Us Pre-Order

The long awaited I Heart Fashion Iris Clops is now available for pre-order on The doll is suppose to be available in July, one year after her debut at San Diego Comic Con. This is the first widely available release of Iris and is exclusive to Toys R Us.