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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Isabelle Sell Out Updates Dec.22

Update December 22:
Isabelle has Sold Out
Sparkly Skort Sold Out
Purple Leotard Sold Out

As of December 20 the following items from Isabelle's collection are Sold Out or on backorder 
Purple leotard on backorder until Dec.30
Funky leggings Sold Out
Scrunch pants Sold Out
Wrap Sweater Sold Out
Dance Barre Sold Out
Starter Set Sold Out
Metallic Dress Sold Out
Sparkle Dress Sold Out
Studio Sold Out
Fashion Sketch book Sold Out
Movie Soundtrack Sold Out
Slippers for girls Sold Out

Not as many thing have sold out as in previous years but we will continue to update until the end of the year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

American Girl on Zulily

American Girl items are on sale on Zulily today. They have Bitty Babies and My American Girl dolls with pajamas for $99.|1418305204502

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cyber Monday

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, or Cyber Monday. In celebration of Cyber Monday we here in The Doll Room are having our own version featuring dolls you can (mostly) only order online.
I came across the Double Dutch Dolls thoroughly a review on The line is based around a book series involving twin sisters Kaila and Zaria. The dolls are articulated 18 inch fashion dolls, each with a very distinct personality. This is a newer line and they are still adding the rest of the characters, but the website is definitely worth checking out, plus the dolls are on sale. I can't wait to add these girls to my collection.

Madame Alexander Travel Friends
I know they are available at certain retailers, but none of those retailers are in my area so these miniature cuties make it onto our Cyber Monday list. The Travel Friends are suppose to represent different countries and their names are suppose to be a version of "hello" in that countries language. The dolls are cute with nice outfits and cost less than an American Girl mini doll but more than an Our Generation mini. The outfits alone make these girls worth looking at, and I'm sure you might want to add one or maybe more to your want list.

My Twinn

With the variety of face molds and two different doll sizes 18 inches and 21 inches I'm sure you can find something you like.
I will be honest, not all the face molds are something I would chose but I love the option to have a doll made the way you want. The custom doll option is great and playing with the customization program is a lot of fun. While usually in the American Girl price range you can often find the dolls on sale for half the normal price.

Do you have a favorite doll line that can only be ordered online?
Is there a doll website that you love to visit just to browse?