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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Isabelle Sell Out Updates Dec.22

Update December 22:
Isabelle has Sold Out
Sparkly Skort Sold Out
Purple Leotard Sold Out

As of December 20 the following items from Isabelle's collection are Sold Out or on backorder 
Purple leotard on backorder until Dec.30
Funky leggings Sold Out
Scrunch pants Sold Out
Wrap Sweater Sold Out
Dance Barre Sold Out
Starter Set Sold Out
Metallic Dress Sold Out
Sparkle Dress Sold Out
Studio Sold Out
Fashion Sketch book Sold Out
Movie Soundtrack Sold Out
Slippers for girls Sold Out

Not as many thing have sold out as in previous years but we will continue to update until the end of the year.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

American Girl on Zulily

American Girl items are on sale on Zulily today. They have Bitty Babies and My American Girl dolls with pajamas for $99.|1418305204502

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's Cyber Monday

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, or Cyber Monday. In celebration of Cyber Monday we here in The Doll Room are having our own version featuring dolls you can (mostly) only order online.
I came across the Double Dutch Dolls thoroughly a review on The line is based around a book series involving twin sisters Kaila and Zaria. The dolls are articulated 18 inch fashion dolls, each with a very distinct personality. This is a newer line and they are still adding the rest of the characters, but the website is definitely worth checking out, plus the dolls are on sale. I can't wait to add these girls to my collection.

Madame Alexander Travel Friends
I know they are available at certain retailers, but none of those retailers are in my area so these miniature cuties make it onto our Cyber Monday list. The Travel Friends are suppose to represent different countries and their names are suppose to be a version of "hello" in that countries language. The dolls are cute with nice outfits and cost less than an American Girl mini doll but more than an Our Generation mini. The outfits alone make these girls worth looking at, and I'm sure you might want to add one or maybe more to your want list.

My Twinn

With the variety of face molds and two different doll sizes 18 inches and 21 inches I'm sure you can find something you like.
I will be honest, not all the face molds are something I would chose but I love the option to have a doll made the way you want. The custom doll option is great and playing with the customization program is a lot of fun. While usually in the American Girl price range you can often find the dolls on sale for half the normal price.

Do you have a favorite doll line that can only be ordered online?
Is there a doll website that you love to visit just to browse?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top Toys Under $75

With the holiday season upon us it's time for a top toys post:
Under $75
In the area I live Frozen is very popular with the younger crowd, especially anything Olaf related. The light up, singing Snowglow Elsa also seems to be very popular. 

Legos/Lego Friends
A classic toy, boys and girls alike enjoy building with Legos. I was informed by boy at the store last week that "the helicopter set is awesome." The characters in the Friends set are really cute. Both the classic Legos and Lego Friends offer small sets that retail for around $6.

Journey Girls dolls
This year the girls traveled to London and  got nice new outfits for their trip. The dolls are similar to American Girl dolls but they have a vinyl chest plate over a stuffed cloth body and their eyes don't close. I really like the purple party dress set and the holiday doll is gorgeous. If you want a nice 18 inch doll but at a significantly lower than American Girl price, this would be my top pick. This line is exclusive to Toys R Us and the holiday doll is gorgeous and comes in two different versions, light brown hair with blue eyes and dark brown hair with 
brown eyes.
Regular Journey Girls retail for approximately $40, while the holiday edition doll retails for $50.

Hot Wheels
They come themed to Hanna Barbera cartoons or resemble characters from Spongebob these cars have been captivating generations for over 50 years.  You can get single cars for less than a dollar at most department stores and the more detailed ones for less than $5. Add in the new track builder concept and these great stocking stuffers also make great presents.

"Style" Barbie and her friends feature articulation similar to Monster High dolls and come with multi piece mix and match outfits. The outfits are stylish and the mix and match options are great especially between multiple dolls. My favorites from this line are Midge, Raquelle, and Teresa. Retail Price $20-$25

Ever After High
The children of fairy tale characters have a lot going on at Ever After High.  From Maddie's tea parties to Thronecoming this line has really expanded over a year. With similar articulation to MH dolls and interesting fashions I really like the Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella doll, Maddie's Tea Party set, and the O'Hair twins 2 pack.

Friday, November 7, 2014

MGA sues Hasbro

MGA has decided to sue fellow toy manufacturer Hasbro. You can read the article here. It appears that MGA also put a bid in on the Disney Princess line that will be transferring from Mattel to Hasbro  in 2016. It is an interesting situation and I'm wondering how it will affect the upcoming doll line.
What do you think of the Mattel vs. MGA vs. Hasbro situation?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monster High Pack of Trouble

Have you seen this years WalMart exclusive Monster High set? It is the Pack of Trouble featuring four members of the Wolf family. The set features Clawdia, Clawd, Clawdeen and Howleen as they are getting a photo done together. They are all wearing striped shirts and the box art has Draculaura taking the photos. The box also mentions that they are glad it's just the four of them because when its the whole family things get crazy.
Are you planning on adding this set to your collection?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Madame Alexander Dolls

With stores starting to prep for the holidays we are getting all sorts of new releases from various doll companies and lines. Madame Alexander now has their 7 inch tall, articulated(!), mini dolls for sale on their website. The line is titled Travel Friends and the dolls represent girls from different countries. I love dolls that represent other cultures, Global Friends were a favorite of mine as a tween. These dolls are very detailed and have cute outfits. My favorite is Nihao, her hairstyle and outfit are very nice and she seems to have a sweet almost serene expression.
They also have some new 18 inch dolls coming out soon, I'm sure before the holidays. Silver Glam and Glamour in Lace are my favorites of the upcoming 18 inch dolls.  They also have their own 18 inch versions of Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen available ( they also have these in the Cissette style). I would like to see the 18 inch Frozen dolls compared to the other large scale Frozen dolls available.
On a side note I just realized a few days ago that the My Life As dolls are no longer being produced by Madame Alexander.
Do you have any favorites from the new Madame Alexander products? What would you like to see in future releases?

American Girl Holiday Release

On Thursday American Girl did their annual holiday release. The release included the holiday outfits, new pajamas for My American Girl and Bitty Twins, a horse drawn carriage,an ice skating outfit, a ski outfit and a few more items.
I think the carriage is lovely, and I like that it has some metal parts and isn't completely plastic, but the price is a big turn off.
The Bitty Twins Nutcracker themed pajamas are adorable, especially the toy solider one set.
I really like both of the holiday dresses this year. The dark blue is really pretty and the tulle peeking out is a nice touch. The silver one has a simple elegance to it with the tiers of ruffles and is my favorite of the two. I think this is the second year that American Girl hasn't released a red holiday dress for the dolls and I'm really enjoying having something different.
What do you like best from this release?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Mattel says Goodbye to Disney Princesses

The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that starting in 2016 Mattel will no longer be the manufacturer of the Disney Princess line Hasbro will be taking there place. There isn't a lot of information available as to why this happened, but I'm looking forward to seeing what this means for Mattel's other doll lines and what this holds for future doll lines from Hasbro.
What do you think of the announcement?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mini Doll Takeover

I'm sure if you've been out shopping in the doll section lately you have noticed an increase in mini dolls. I have always loved mini dolls, I took my quints dolls everywhere when I younger. That being said, I absolutely love looking at the mini dolls and they have become my latest obsession (justified by "they take up less space" ;) ).
Some are store exclusives like the Our Generation and Moxie Minis at Target or the Sparkle Girlz minis at WalMart.
Others are readily available such as the Disney Princess minis and the Lalaloopsy tinies (which I love and I'm not sure why).
I will be posting more detailed reviews of each of these later on but for now I just wanted to share these cuties with you.
Which new minis are your favorite? What other minis would you like to see?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Free Shipping at American Girl is offering free shipping on purchases over $50 now through September 22. It might be a good time to scoop up that item you've been wanting before the holiday rush.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Monster High New Doll Contest

There is a vote going on right now on Monster High's website to determine which character should get a doll in 2015. You have three choices, the backgrounder Quill, who is the daughter of a Harpy. Finn, the son of a mermaid, who happens to be in a wheelchair. Or Gory who is a vampire that was featured in a few webisodes. If you want to vote here is the link
Which character would you like to see next year?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

It wasn't until last weekend that I realized how vast the Freaky Fusion line really is. I know, I know, where have I been? I'm sure I saw something at some point but it must have slipped my mind because when I saw the Save Frankie dolls I was surprised. Good surprise, we did happen to find a Jackson doll, yay. Anyway I just wanted to break down the Freaky Fusion line for a better view.
First we have the Hybrids, the children of two different monster species. These are the four new characters that everyone has been excited about:
Avea Trotter- part Harpy part Centaur
Bonita Femur- part moth man, part skeleton 
Sirena Von Boo- part mermaid, part ghost
Neighthan Rot- part zombie, part unicorn

Then you have the Fusion doll, the ones that are combinations of two characters
Cleolei- Cleo and Toralei
Dracubecca- Draculaura and Robecca
Lagoonafire- Lagoona and Jinafire
Clawvenus-Clawdeen and Venus

Next are the ghouls dressed as other ghouls, pretending to be fused, and channeling an aspect of that characters personality:
Ghoulia as Draculaura 
Frankie as Clawdeen
Operetta as Frankie
Scarah as Toralei

Finally you have the Save Frankie dolls:

Oh and don't forget about the Frankie Recharge Chamber ( that I haven't seen yet) that comes with an exclusive Frankie doll.
So the grand total is fifteen dolls and one play set with a doll. That's a large line, I'm not complaining I really am enjoying this line I was just surprised by the amount of dolls in it.
Of the dolls in the line which are your favorites? least favorites? Any other combinations you would have come up with?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ever After High Thronecoming

I have to admit that I'm really drawn to the Ever After High dolls. It took awhile at first because the large, round heads took a little getting use to, but now I'm hooked. I finally saw the Thronecoming set with Briar Beauty in it, and she might be the prettiest version of this doll to date (I need a really close look first though). The Thronecoming line includes Blondie, Raven, Cupid, Apple and the Briar play set. The play set folds into a book shape and Beiar fits into the spine of the book, the only downfall is that her dress is not as elaborate as the others in this line.
Which Thronecoming doll is your favorite?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flea Market Sightings

Over the weekend a county near where I live held their annual county wide yard sale/flea market. I found a few treasures that ended up coming home with me. Over the course of finding these treasures I came across many other interesting dolls and items that I wanted to share with you. These items didn't come home with me but i will be sharing the ones that did at a later time. If you happen to know any information about these I would love for you to share it with us.