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Saturday, October 11, 2014

American Girl Holiday Release

On Thursday American Girl did their annual holiday release. The release included the holiday outfits, new pajamas for My American Girl and Bitty Twins, a horse drawn carriage,an ice skating outfit, a ski outfit and a few more items.
I think the carriage is lovely, and I like that it has some metal parts and isn't completely plastic, but the price is a big turn off.
The Bitty Twins Nutcracker themed pajamas are adorable, especially the toy solider one set.
I really like both of the holiday dresses this year. The dark blue is really pretty and the tulle peeking out is a nice touch. The silver one has a simple elegance to it with the tiers of ruffles and is my favorite of the two. I think this is the second year that American Girl hasn't released a red holiday dress for the dolls and I'm really enjoying having something different.
What do you like best from this release?