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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Monster High Little Dead Riding Wolf

Monster High's "Little Dead Riding Wolf" is another member of the three character Scarily Ever After Line. It features the always lovely Clawdeen Wolf dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. She is wearing a short poofy red party dress with black netting underneath and purple ribbon details. She has a red hooded cloak with cheetah print on the inside. She is wearing purple wedge shoes and has a purse that looks like a basket. The doll features long, dark brown hair with red streaks, which is a nice change from the green streaks she has had in recent lines. She also comes with her little story book with the monster version of Little Red Riding Hood. She is very pretty and I think the red streaks and the cheetah print on the cloak really compliment her.
love the cheetah print

Monster High CAM Ghost Girl

Monster High released the create a monster ghost pack several months ago and since I love the create a monsters, I had to buy one. The wig she came with was dark pink with red and purple highlights. It was suppose to be a flip bob style hair do, but it was cut a little to short, so it had to be replaced by a LIV wig. The LIV wig is blond with pink ends and it makes the shadow on the doll's face mold look a little more believable. The face like all Monster High faces has its own unique mold. The dress is really cute and the purple and pink belt really adds to it, and the pink and purple heels match the belt.

American Girl Medieval Princess Costume (retired)

It's almost Halloween, and Makayla (MAG 35) wanted to show off her costume. She is modeling the retired American Girl Medieval Princess costume. The costume features a burgundy colored dress with a dark purple/ dark blue velvet overlay. The sleeves come to a point on her hands just like on replica medieval dresses. The sleeves are puffy at the shoulders with a little gold bow and the overlay has plum colored sparkles on it. The dress has a gold color waistband featuring plastic jewels. She is wearing a "gold" pendent necklace that resembles a flower and has "jewels" on it that match the waistband. She is wearing a gold crown that also has matching "jewels" on it and gold colored slipper like shoes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Springfield Doll Style Club

Springfield dolls has a great web page for doll related crafts and activities, The site allows you to pick out a doll and dress it up with clothes from a virtual closet, and it has lots of doll related crafts and stories. I was browsing the site last night and they have some fun Halloween crafts and games. Remember if you're under 13 you need parents permission for the site.

American Girl giveaway by Affinia Hotel

Affinia Hotels is giving away a two night stay at their New York City hotel and an American Girl doll and gift bag. To enter the sweepstakes visit the Affinia Facebook page.

Monday, October 22, 2012

LIV Doll Daniela as the White Queen

I finally broke down and bought a LIV doll last week. I kept hearing wonderful things about their pose ability so I figured it was time to buy one. Of course when I finally decide to buy one I find out they have been discontinued, luckily my local Target had some left and I managed to get one on clearence. I pick Daniela dressed as the White Queen from Alice In Wonderland. Since the one I picked out and liked the best happens to be part of a set, I'm probably not going to take her out of the box. She was still really lovely to photograph even in her box. I love how the flip up tab on the box shows the other dolls in this line dressed as the other characters from the story. It shows them rehearsing for their school play of Alice In Wonderland.
I love her silvery white dress and her crown, I think her face is really nice and has great paint details and a beautiful lip color.
This outfit is so amazing
everyone all dressed up

American Girl Dance Team Outfit (retired)

Today Xiao-Xing (morning star in Chinese) is modeling the retired American Girl Dance Team outfit. The outfit is a purple one piece jumpsuit with silver sparkles throughout is has silver sequins at the waist to look like a belt. It came with over sized purple, silver and white pompoms, they have a white hair tie like loop in the middle so you can make the doll hold them. the outfit also came with purple shoes with silver sparkles and a silver stripe down the middle. I really think the purple looks good on her. I will be featuring more retired American Girl outfits and dolls soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monster High Scarily Ever After Threaderella

Back to the Halloween theme, and since the diamond edition of Disney's Cinderella came out recently I figured now is the time to talk about Monster High's Scarily Ever After line and in particular Threaderella. I love fairy tales and when this line was first announced she was the one I was instantly drawn to. Frankie is dressed in a deep blue dress that I just adore and it looks like she could have sewn it together herself. I like how part of it looks like the typical ball gown and the other is typical Monster High. Her hair is curled ontop of her head and held in place by her red tiara. Her shoes have sccissors for heels and the red laces are made to look like sewing thread with the needle still attached. She comes with a Threaderella storybook which is their version of the Cinderella fairytale, and it is wonderful, with great artwork. In the background of her box you can see her prince charming holding her shoe. This doll and box are both incredibly detailed and that adds something great to this line, and to me that makes it just a little more special than some of the other lines.

2012 Holiday Collector Edition Lalaloopsy Doll

It seems everywhere I've turned the last few days I've come across a special holiday edition doll. This time it is a special Holiday Collector Edition Lalaloopsy doll. Her name is Ivory Ice Crystals and she has ice blue hair and has some white fur on her outfit. Her pet is a polar bear. She is really cute and I've been wanting to add a Lalaloopsy to my collection for awhile but hadn't found the right one, she might just be the one. I do like holiday edition dolls and she has a special charm to her. She retails for slightly more than the regular large Lalaloopsy dolls.

2012 Holiday edition Cabbage Patch doll

I was doing some pre holiday shopping at Target today and had to take a trip to the toy section. While I was browsing the aisles, on one of the end aisles I came across the special edition 2012 Holiday Cabbage Patch doll. They seem to have her in a blond and brunette version. I only took a picture of the brunette I didn't come across the blond until I was on my way out. She is wearing a dark red dress and the top of it appears to be velour. She has a white fur headband with a red bow and a white furry stocking. I think she is really cute and I might have to add her to my holiday doll collection. She is only available at Target and retails for just under $40.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Update: American Girl GOTY 2013

The American Girl wiki has announced that the 2013 Girl of the Year's name is Saige and her story will be set in New Mexico. That's all the info available at the moment, when I find more I will post it.

UPDATE: has posted that according to the GOTY book summaries available
Saige likes to paint and ride horses. has posted an update that has a small photo of what Saige will look like. She appears to have long brown hair and is wearing a western style outfit and boots. 11/3/12 has received photos of Saige in her meet outfit and they are posted on their blog.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster High plush Friends (discontinued)

I'm sure everyone is very aware of the Monster High doll line by now, but back when the dolls were first released, they released plush versions of most of the dolls with their pets. These plush Friends were made for children younger than the dolls recommended age. Each set came with a plush version of the character and its pet. The back of the box featured a mini biography of the pet, similar to the ones about the dolls on their boxes. They have been discontinued by Mattel but you can still find them at some stores. I found mine on clearance at Target over the Summer and ended up buying four different ones.

First we have Spectra Vondergeist and Rhuen. Both Spectra and Rhuen have soft plush bodies. Spectra have yarn hair in two different shades of purple, and stitched eyes made to look like buttons. Her dress is sewn to her body and the skirt has a black overlay on it. Her feet are made to look like she's wearing shoes and are of a vinyl like material. Rhuen is purple with dark purple stitched mouth and nose. His eyes are also stitched to look like buttons. Rhuen's bff's are Sir Hoots A Lot and Shiver.

Next we have Ghoulia Yelps and Sir Hoots A Lot. Like all other Friends characters they both have plush bodies. Ghoulia's clothes are actually part of her body with the exception of her cherry print tank top and black mesh sleeves. Her feet are also made to look like shoes with a vinyl material. Her hair is made from two different colors of blue yarn. Her eyes are stitched to look like button with a piece of cloth shaped like her trademark glasses over top of them. Sir Hoots A Lot is made from a lime teal colored cloth with white cloth feet and a white cloth spot on his chest. He has yellow stitched eyes that look like buttons with a turquoise piece made to look like a mask. Sir Hoots A Lot is 4 years old and his favorite food is small rodents.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pullip: Vocaloid Hatsune Miku

                       Pullip dolls are collectible and customizable dolls created in Korea and originally marketed by a company in Japan. They have an over sized head and a plastic jointed body. They stand about 12 inches tall. They have two levers on the back of their head that allows their eyes to move side to side and to wink (which I think is really neat). The line includes Pullip, her boyfriend Taeyang, his sister Dal and her friend Byul. All of they newer Pullip dolls wear wigs and you can buy eye kits to change the eye color. The character Vocaloid Hatsune Miko is used to market Vocaloid singing synthesizer designed in Japan. The Hatsune Miko doll has aqua eyes, a black leather looking top and skirt with aqua trim, an aqua colored tie and black thigh high boots trimmed in aqua. She has long aqua colored hair that reaches the floor and is styled into two pigtails. She has a cute little ski slope nose and pale pink lips. She comes with a headset microphone, a trading card with her animated picture on it, and a stand. I'm not sure if I'm going to take her out of the  box yet or not, for now I think she'll stay in the box.
the outfit and tie are so cute, you can sort of see the trading card on the side

Skulltimate Roller Maze Frankie Stein

In keeping with the Halloween theme this month I will be featuring many of my Monster High dolls, some in and some out of their boxes. Now Frankie happens to be one of my favorite Monster High dolls and characters. I'm not sure why, there is just something about her that I like. This is the Skulltimate Roller Maze Frankie. I was drawn to her because of her hair length, its shorter than the normal Frankie doll hair and longer than the hair on the Skull Shores doll. I think its a perfect length for Frankie. She has green streaks in her hair and green painted lips. I think this face paint on her makes her face seem very sweet. She is wearing a black tank top dress with multicolored gears on it. Her accessories include blue roller skates, a blue helmet, and blue knee pads.
her face is so sweet and innocent looking
There is a suppose to be a video game and a TV special coming out based around the Skulltimate Roller Maze theme. The line at the moment includes Lagoona Blue, Operetta, Ghoulia Yelps, and a special Ghoulia / Abbey two pack at Kmart. More dolls are suppose to be released in this line closer to the holiday season.

FAO Schwarz "Claudia" doll

I stopped by my local Toys R Us yesterday to look around and see if they had any new dolls. I went over to the FAO Schwarz section which I rarely visit and came across some really pretty dolls. I'm not sure how long they have been out, but there seems to be a baby version and a preteen version of each doll. The preteen version comes with an extra outfit and accessories. I took a picture of my favorite, her name is Claudia and I just love her plaid school outfit. She is 18 inches tall and also comes with a soccer outfit. The baby version comes in a pink sleeper with a teddy bear. They also had a FAO Schwarz 150 anniversary edition Barbie that was dressed like their classic toy soldier. Sorry about the picture quality, I took the pictures with my phone and they aren't the greatest.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ghouls Rule Frankie Stein

you can see the stitches at the top of the overlay
In honor of Halloween and the Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD release and scavenger haunt, I thought i would share some photos of one of my Ghouls rule dolls. This is Ghouls Rule Frankie Stein, she is dressed in what the box describes as a fashion from her parents younger era. Her hair is styled in an updo with loose curls. The silver overlay on her dress has black "stitches" on it. She comes with what looks like a witch's cauldron, a blue tie accessory,a blue bag or purse and a blue lightening bolt masquerade mask. I love her face paint though and her blue lips are awesome.

love these earrings

Friday, October 12, 2012

Garage Sale Find : Bratz Doll

So sometimes in my free time I like to visit flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales. On one of these excursions I came across a few Bratz dolls that caught my attention. This is different for me because when Bratz were first released I didn't care for them at all, the large head and large lips were just too much for me. Now after many years I have finally come across a few that I really like. This one has obviously had a haircut at her previous home but her face was too pretty to resist. I'm not sure which doll she is, she has dark brown streaks in her hair, so if you know please tell me. I left her hair how the last owner had cut it, I just brushed it out and pulled the front into a ponytail. She didn't come with any clothes or shoes so I purchased this fashion pack on sale at Target. It is one of four fashion packs from last years release, and they have just released new ones for this year. It is a khaki colored trench coat that can be worn as a dress. It Velcros closed at the belt buckle, and it comes with bright pink rain boots with a silver colored buckle design.  I think she was worth what I paid for her, her face is just soo cute.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Monster High Scavenger Haunt at WalMart

Some WalMarts are hosting scavenger haunts (hunts) in honor of the release of the new Ghouls Rule DVD. They will be Thursday, October 18 thru Sunday, October 21. You can visit the page to enter your zip code and see if any of your local stores will be doing one. It looks like they will be giving goody pages to the participants, and it should be lots fun.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The wonderful people at are doing weekly giveaways for doll related items now through December, its free so visit their site for details. Good luck.

Halloween Dress Up with an American Girl Doll

In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday I thought I'd share some Halloween related things this month. I'm going to kick it off with my American Girl doll Xiao-Xing (morning star) in her 1920s flapper costume. The costume and the doll (GT 4) are both retired. Xiao-Xing however loves her silver fringe dress, her purple heeled shoes and her long purple gloves. As with most things American Girl produces it is mostly historically accurate. There will be more Halloween fun to come this month so keep checking back.

Amber Disquietude by Tonner Wilde Imaginaton

A few months ago I came across a blog that was reviewing an Ellowyne Wilde doll by Tonner. It got me curious about the doll line and even though I didn't care for the one being reviewed, I found several on that I loved. The one pictured today is Amber Disquietude. What attracted me to her was, first, I didn't have an Amber doll. Second she is wearing a butterfly print dress and a butterfly hair accessory ( I have a thing for butterflies). Finally the beautiful curly hair, even if it is a little on the stiff side so that the curls hold. She has blue insert eyes and is ball jointed, made of hard plastic with 12 points of articulation. She has a black velvet like choker, and black lace arm gauntlets. Her fingernails are painted a light peach color and her black heels have bows on the back. She has a black velvet like sash at her waist and the skirt of the dress is layered with the butterfly printed layer thinner than the under layer. She is 16 inches tall and just gorgeous.

There is quite a bit of variety in the Ellowyne line. Some of the dolls have painted eyes, others have insert eyes. Some have rooted hair others have wigs, both in an assortment of colors. Plus in addition to Amber there is Ellowyne, Prudence, Lissette and a few Rufus dolls. I have yet to purchase any of the last three, Rufus dolls aren't released very often. Eventually I'm sure I will come across one of each of these that captures my attention. Until then I guess I will be content with my Ellowynes and Amber.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Holiday Barbie

I can't believe it's October already, it seems this year has just flown by. I was in Target today and saw the 2012 Holiday Barbie, which caused me to panic slightly since the holiday items are out and it's not even Halloween. I decided to purchase one of the barbies for my holiday collection. I found this brunette beauty and knew she was the one I had to purchase. I didn't know that they made a brunette version of the Holiday Barbie (learn something new everyday). I haven't seen her on just the blond version and the African American version, but either way she is a real beauty. The deep red strapless dress has silver accent with holly leaves, and a tulle looking underskirt. She has on red nail polish and red lipstick. She is wearing a silver necklace and matching silver drop earrings. Her hair is styled in curls, and part of it is pulled back. The box background has a white Christmas tree decorated in red with white presents tied with red ribbons. She is a true beauty and a wonderful addition to any doll, Barbie or holiday collection.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster High Create A Monster packs

I know these are a somewhat newer doll line, I think Monster High has been out since 2010. I will admit at first I didn't care for them because growing up I was a Barbie girl, but as with lots of things they just grow on you over time. The create a monster packs are something I enjoy, and are one of my favorite parts of the product line. I'm not sure if its the fun of putting it together myself or getting to customize them. I made these two cuties before Mattel came out with the matching colored torsos for the add on packs so skeleton girl has a pink torso.I usually try to use just the pieces that come with each pack, but sometimes I do customize mine. I have found that the tattoos that come with the Create Lab are sticky to the touch and rub off easily. This is great if you want to change your dolls design often, but if you're like me sometimes you find one that looks too perfect to mess with. I went over each of the tattoos on my doll with clear nail polish, it does make it shiny, but it holds them in place without rubbing off, and can still be removed with nail polish remover.  I'm eagerly anticipating the new create a monster packs that are suppose to be released the first part of 2013, and I'm hoping they get released before the holidays so I can treat myself. I'm excited that new packs will include two wigs, now if they only came with two pairs of shoes :)
Create a Monste Lab