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Monday, October 1, 2012

Monster High Create A Monster packs

I know these are a somewhat newer doll line, I think Monster High has been out since 2010. I will admit at first I didn't care for them because growing up I was a Barbie girl, but as with lots of things they just grow on you over time. The create a monster packs are something I enjoy, and are one of my favorite parts of the product line. I'm not sure if its the fun of putting it together myself or getting to customize them. I made these two cuties before Mattel came out with the matching colored torsos for the add on packs so skeleton girl has a pink torso.I usually try to use just the pieces that come with each pack, but sometimes I do customize mine. I have found that the tattoos that come with the Create Lab are sticky to the touch and rub off easily. This is great if you want to change your dolls design often, but if you're like me sometimes you find one that looks too perfect to mess with. I went over each of the tattoos on my doll with clear nail polish, it does make it shiny, but it holds them in place without rubbing off, and can still be removed with nail polish remover.  I'm eagerly anticipating the new create a monster packs that are suppose to be released the first part of 2013, and I'm hoping they get released before the holidays so I can treat myself. I'm excited that new packs will include two wigs, now if they only came with two pairs of shoes :)
Create a Monste Lab