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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Today is the first day of a brand new year, so out with the old and in with the new. 2012 was filled with new doll lines and new characters being added to favorite doll lines. We saw the American Girl of the Year McKenna, and Monster High added Jinafire, Skelita, Rochelle, Venus and Robecca. We delighted in the new doll lines of Bratzillas, La Dee Da, Cutie Pops, City Girls, and Novi Stars. Finally we said goodbye to the beautiful Moxie Teenz and LIV dolls. So here's to another wonderful year. I'm looking forward to all the new dolls that are awaiting us in 2013.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ellowyne Wilde Positively Negative Photo Shoot

Since it has been snowing here off and on for the last four days, I thought I would share some photos with you of a girl that came ready for this type of weather. Positively Negative Ellowyne Wilde (discontinued) is dressed in a beautiful black and white outfit, including sweater dress, scarf and hat.


Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. I hope all your (doll) wishes come true.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Flashback Friday: American Girl Holiday Bib Outfit

This outfit is one of my favorite Holiday outfits ever released by Pleasant Company (now American Girl). The outfit was released for the holiday seasoon in the late 1990's. It consists of dark green velour bib overalls with gold accents, gold slipper shoes, an ivory colored satin like blouse with rhinestone buttons that velcros in the back, a Girl of Today logo necklace, and a green and gold hair ribbon. I think it looks great on our model with her dark hair.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland

It's a new year and that of course means time for a new Girl of the Year from American Girl. Welcome to the GotY family Saige Copeland. Saige is from New Mexico, she loves art, especially painting and horseback riding. Her collection features several western outfits complete with western boots ( which I love ), a 48 inch tall " hot air" balloon, an art set and a horse named Picasso. I like how all the animals are named after artists, hopefully it sparks new interest in their work.
Saige is really pretty with what looks like auburn hair, blue eyes and freckles. Now for those of you who have followed American Girl for awhile I have heard from several people that her collection is very reminiscent of Nicki's. I personally believe that she closely resembles Nicki ( who I think is so cute ). I plan on purchasing Saige soon to bring my Girl of the Year collection up to date, then I will thoroughly compare the two. Until then I will share these stock photos that were found online with you, again NOT my photos. Oh and for those of you like myself who plan on purchasing Saige or any other American Girl doll the price has risen again, they are now $110.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Preview of MH Picture Day Frankie, Lagoona and Operetta

This is NOT my photo, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the upcoming Picture Day dolls of Frankie, Lagoona and Operetta. I really like Frankie's hair and outfit.

A Monster High Oops

I was at WalMart Saturday and had to go see if they had any new dolls. As I was browsing I can across this little mistake in the Monster High section. It seems that Mattel is in a hurry to get their orders out for the holidays, and who could blame them they want to make a profit, but maybe they should pay closer attention. This new Picture Day Draculaura happens to be in a Picture Day Spectra box. Oops.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monster high Picture Day Cleo de Nile

I went to Wal Mart very early Saturday morning to beat the holiday shopping crowd. Before I left I had to take a trip down the doll aisles, and while I was looking, I came across Monster High Picture Day Cleo de Nile. If you didn't know by now Cleo is one of my favorite characters so I of course had no choice but to take her home.

I'm happy that this Cleo has long black hair, which has turquoise under neath and the gold tinsel streaks in it. Her outfit consists of  a long blue top with turquoise, gold and black in it to make a bandage pattern. She has a wide gold belt at her waist with a black winged scarab on it. she is wearing black and gold striped leggings and blue wedge sandals with gold wedges with a leaf pattern. Cleo is wearing gold eye makeup, and her lips are painted a dark blue color that I'm not sure I like. She has a gold folder, a turquoise purse with a gold scarab on it and three gold bracelets and it looks like one has a black scarab on it.
She comes with her Fearbook that has her choices for brainiest, most talkative, nicest smile. and nicest eyes. It has a page dedicated to the faculty of Monster High but unfortunately Mr. Rotter isn't included. It has a sticker sheet with a picture of the student bodies so you can make your choices for the same categories that Cleo did. It also has a group picture and a signature page. The set also includes a black stand and black hair brush.
the box art has a picture of Cleo in the lower right corner with Cleo striking a pose for her photo and Hissette in the background giving her bunny ears. The back of the box has a mini biography that repeats what was on her original box, it also says voted most likely to leave a legacy. The class of Monster High is on the back and Cleo has drawn a big gold heart and many smaller hearts around Deuce's picture. She has also written BFF in the corner of Ghoulia's photo, and given Toralei horns, a beard and a mustache.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almost Ready for Winter

The weather here can't seem to decide if its going to get colder or not. So since Winter officially starts in a couple of weeks My American Girl doll MaKayla has decided to bundle up. She is modeling the retired American Girl Snowball Outfit. It includes pink sparkly leggings, white boots with fur trim, a sparkly, fluffy, white sweater and a matching headband. I think the sweater looks great with her hair color. I bet the top would look good on a Journey Girl doll, I will have to try it.

Do you have a favorite winter outfit for your dolls?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monster High Skull Shores 5 pack

Today I wanted to share the Target exclusive Skull Shores 5 pack with you. It includes three exclusive dolls that you can only purchase in the pack, SS Clawdeen, SS Cleo, and SS Frankie in color. It also includes Ghoulia and Draculaura which are the same as they are in the single packs minus the accessories you get with the single packs.

We will start with the colored version of Frankie Stein. She has the same chin length hair as the black and white version. She has the usual one blue eye, one green eye and has yellowish green eye makeup. Frankie has blue lips, and blue sprocket earrings. She is wearing a blue, whitw, and yellow monokini. She has a blue, and yellow wrap over the bottom of her bikini, the top tie with a blue ribbon. She has a blue sprocket bracelet and blue, high heeled, sandals with the heels made of blue sprockets.

Onto Clawdeen. She has long, straight, purple hair with a chunky neon green streak on one side. I think the long purple hair looks good on her, but I'm hoping the new ones don't have the purple and green hair since I feel it has been over used lately. She has gold colored eyes with yellow eye make up, and one purple, and one green, square earring in each ear. Clawdeen has dark purple lips and strappy purple wedge sandals. She is wearing a bright green one piece swimsuit (same color as her hair streak) with purple tiger stripes. Over her swimsuit she is wearing a halter style cover up that ties around her neck with a black ribbon.The cover up is decorated with purple spots, yellow tiger stripes, and green and purple cheetah print.

Finally Cleo, who is my favorite in the set. The Cleo doll has chin length black hair, with turquise streaks in her bangs. She has grey eyes with a little yellow in them and is wearing gold and silver eye make up, and her lips are painted gold. She has on a gold swimsuit that is covered by a one piece body suit that has gold color bandage design with green palm leaves. She is wearing a large cuff bracelet that is turquoise and black and looks like bandages. I was glad to see Cleo included in this line, and I like the turqoise in her hair, however the Ghouls Rule Cleo has almost the same length, style and hair color.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Wilde Girls

I've  been waiting a few weeks to share these pictures of Wilde Imagination's Amber Disquietude , Ellowyne Wilde Timid Tan Too and Ellowyne Going in Circles with you, but some of  the other posts got in the way.

First we have Amber just posing with the house plants and showing off that cute butterfly clip.

A  few weeks ago I took "Timid Tan Too" and "Going In Circles" outside for a quick photo shoot, before the weather became too cold. They really enjoyed posing by the trees.

who has prettier eyes?

Which Wilde girl do you like best?