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Monday, December 3, 2012

Monster High Skull Shores 5 pack

Today I wanted to share the Target exclusive Skull Shores 5 pack with you. It includes three exclusive dolls that you can only purchase in the pack, SS Clawdeen, SS Cleo, and SS Frankie in color. It also includes Ghoulia and Draculaura which are the same as they are in the single packs minus the accessories you get with the single packs.

We will start with the colored version of Frankie Stein. She has the same chin length hair as the black and white version. She has the usual one blue eye, one green eye and has yellowish green eye makeup. Frankie has blue lips, and blue sprocket earrings. She is wearing a blue, whitw, and yellow monokini. She has a blue, and yellow wrap over the bottom of her bikini, the top tie with a blue ribbon. She has a blue sprocket bracelet and blue, high heeled, sandals with the heels made of blue sprockets.

Onto Clawdeen. She has long, straight, purple hair with a chunky neon green streak on one side. I think the long purple hair looks good on her, but I'm hoping the new ones don't have the purple and green hair since I feel it has been over used lately. She has gold colored eyes with yellow eye make up, and one purple, and one green, square earring in each ear. Clawdeen has dark purple lips and strappy purple wedge sandals. She is wearing a bright green one piece swimsuit (same color as her hair streak) with purple tiger stripes. Over her swimsuit she is wearing a halter style cover up that ties around her neck with a black ribbon.The cover up is decorated with purple spots, yellow tiger stripes, and green and purple cheetah print.

Finally Cleo, who is my favorite in the set. The Cleo doll has chin length black hair, with turquise streaks in her bangs. She has grey eyes with a little yellow in them and is wearing gold and silver eye make up, and her lips are painted gold. She has on a gold swimsuit that is covered by a one piece body suit that has gold color bandage design with green palm leaves. She is wearing a large cuff bracelet that is turquoise and black and looks like bandages. I was glad to see Cleo included in this line, and I like the turqoise in her hair, however the Ghouls Rule Cleo has almost the same length, style and hair color.