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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Years Resolutions and a Giveaway

The year is almost over and it seems like it just started. We are eagerly awaiting the new year and several new doll releases. We have all sorts of goodies planned for the new year some will be exclusive to Facebook or Twitter so be sure to like us and follow us.

We are giving a way a Monster High Ghoul Spirit Spectra doll. 

The giveaway goes from today December 29 until January 3, 2014. 

Mandatory entry is by leaving us a comment telling us what dolls or doll lines you are looking forward to next year. 

You will received a bonus entry for each of the following:
Liking us on Facebook (
Following us on Twitter (dolldivastarr)
Sharing this on your blog, or Facebook or twitter account
Just leave a second comment letting us know which ones you did. I will notify the winner via email. Good luck.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Edition Dolls

It's that time of year again, when we see all kinds of special edition holiday dolls and accessories. Today on a very quick stop at Target I came across two holiday edition dolls that we have seen versions of over the last few years. The first is the Special 30th Anniversary Holiday Edition Cabbage Patch Kid. I think she is really cute, but I have a soft spot for CPKs. It seems blue is one of the main holiday colors this year across several lines. I do like her dress and her slightly curly long hair.
The second was the Target exclusive Holiday Surprise Barbie. Target usually has store exclusive dolls at the holidays in edition to the yearly Holiday Barbie. I like her dress and she is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Holiday Barbie, but she is not as elegant looking. These are just a few of the special editions out there and we will be featuring more soon.

Do you have a favorite holiday release this year?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Update: American Girl Molly and Emily Sold Out

Update December 19:
Emily's Accessories are Sold Out
There are a few girl sized items left, other than that its officially time to archive Molly and Emily.

Update December 18:
Molly's Christmas Dress is Sold Out

Update December 16:
Molly's Schoolbag set is Sold Out

Update December 13:
Emily's Holiday Outfit is Sold Out
Molly's Lunchbox is Sold Out
Molly's Floral Pajamas are Sold Out

Update December 11:
Molly's Polka Dot Outfit is Sold Out

Update December 9:
Emily is Sold Out
Molly's 1944 Swimsuit is Sold Out

Update December 8:
Emily's dog Yank is Sold Out
Molly's Tap Outfit is Sold Out

Update December 7:
Molly's Bed is Sold Out

Update December 5:
Molly's Party Dress is Sold Out

Update December 2:
Molly's Skate Outfit is Sold Out
Emily's Pajamas are Sold Out
Emily's Robe and Slippers are Sold Out
Molly's Skates and Muffs are Sold Out
Molly is Sold Out

Update December 1:
Molly's Table and Chairs set is Sold Out

Update November 29:
Molly's dog Bennett is Sold Out
Molly's Accessories are Sold Out
Molly doll set with accessories is Sold Out
Molly and Emily Best Friends Collection is Sold Out
Molly's Table and Chairs is backordered until early December

Update November 28:
Molly's Saddle Shoes are Sold Out
Molly doll and paperback book are on backorder until mid December 

Update November 18:
As of now all of Molly's and Emily's items are in stock.

Update November 16:
Molly's Skating set is backordered until the end of November.

Update November 11:
Molly's paperback book box set is now Sold Out online.

As you know it was announced officially in June that Molly and Emily the WWII American Girls would retire at the end of the year. As of today November 9th some of their items have already sold out or are on backorder. I will be updating until they are officially sold out, but as of now on

Molly's accessories: backordered until the end of November.

Molly's Birthday set: Sold Out

Update: American Girl Saige Sold Out

Update December 19:
Saige is Sold Out
Saige's Horse is Sold Out
Saige's Dog is Sold Out

Update December 13:
Saige's Painting Set is Sold Out
Saige's Hot Air Balloon is Sold Out

Update December 11:
Saige's Sparkle Dress is Sold Out

Update December 9:
Saige's dress for girls is Sold Out
Saige's slippers for girls are Sold Out
Saige's Sparkle Dress is on backorder until mid December
Saige's Painting Set is on backorder until mid December

Update December 4:
Saige's Horse is on backorder until mid December

Update December 3:
Saige's Parade Outfit is Sold Out
Saige's Parade Saddle Set is Sold Out

Update December 2:
Saige's Starter set is Sold Out

Update November 29:
Saige's dog Rembrandt is on backorder (again) until mid December

Update November 18:
Saige's Hot Air Balloon set is backordered until early January.
Saige's dog Rembrandt is no longer on backorder.

Update November 13:
Saige's Pajamas are backordered until mid December.
Saige's dog Rembrandt is backordered until early December.

Update November 11:
Saige doll and book backordered until early December.

It's time to start updating on what Saige items are on the way to being sold out before the end of the year.
 As of today, November 9th, on

Saige doll and book: backordered until the end of November

Saige's accessories: backordered until the beginning of December 

Saige's necklace for girls: Sold Out

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

In celebration of today being Halloween here in the states I thought I would share some photos of dolls that are already in costumes. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pinkie Cooper in Paris

I have been trying to write this review for awhile, and it originally started as a review of Pepper, then I saw the Pinkie in Paris set and had to buy it. The set includes Pinkie, Li'l Pinkie, a hairbrush, a Paris sticker, a bouquet of purple flowers, and a tote bag in a pink and dark brown striped box (that reminds me of a cupcake store). Pinkie is wearing tall, black, open toed boots with gold heels, a pink denim like skirt with a gold belt. The skirt has a loop sewn inside for one of her legs to go through and help keep her skirt up. She has on a long sleeved black and white striped body suit with gold stones at the collar, a black beret with a pink flower, and a pink scarf with white dots. Her ears are reversible and have blonde and brown hair. Her body is mostly white and her knees have a pink blush to them, her left leg has four brown spots. Her finger nails are pink and there is a pink heart on the inside of each of her hands. Most of her head is a light tan color with some white detailing. She has a dark pink heart and four small dots between her eyes. I love her eyes, she has applied upper lashes and painted on lower lashes, her eyes are brown with a small green line around them. She has light pink and dark rose colored eye shadow with a purple line separating the two colors. Her beret feels like its made of a black felt like material with a plastic pink flower attached to it with some of the gold tinsel stuff that the belt is made of under it. The bouquet is flexible plastic four long stem purple roses, the bag is roughly cut but cute and is made out of medium thickness mesh material with swirl designs on it. Lil Pinkie is very cute, and looks like she is smiling so big that her eyes are squinted shut. Her ears are removable too and are pink pompom designs. She has on a scarf that matches Pinkie's, and has a light blush at her feet and eyes. She is also mostly white with a few brown spots, one of which is heart shaped on her back left leg. Her head turns and her nose is a black heart, and her other facial features are black.
Overall I think this set is wonderful and I absolutely love Pinkie Cooper, her face is just so adorable. I think this line is very innovative and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dell's Travel Diary 2

So I thought the rain had ruined our day out, but on the way home the rain slowed. While we were driving home we went around a turn and all I could see was a huge rock formation. As we got closer I could see people rock climbing all the way on the tippy top of the rock face. We pulled into the picnic area and got out to take some pictures and explore. We walked down to the river and I collected a few pretty rocks. I had to be careful because the area was used for artillery training during WWII and there could still be unexploded shells there (they even had a sign at the visitors center). It was so neat to watch the climbers at the top of the rocks, I wanted to watch them longer but the rain started again, and we had to go home.

Until Next Time,


Monday, October 7, 2013

30th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids

This year marks the thirtieth birthday of the iconic Cabbage Patch Kids. In honor of this they have created special anniversary edition dolls. Each doll is wearing a party dress with the CPK logo print and has pink streaks in her hair. I haven't seen an anniversary edition boy doll yet, I'm not sure if they are making any, but the girl dolls are cute. Both of the anniversary dolls I saw had the same first name and a different middle name. I'm not sure if this is a trend or not I will have to check more dolls. I think I might add one of these to my collection soon just because I like the streaks. 

Ever After High Coming to WalMart

I sure it's no surprise that Ever After High will be making its official debut at Walmart and Target at the end of the month, just in time for the beginning of the holiday shopping season. I am glad that I don't have to go all the way to a Justice store to get them anymore. The prices at least right now are at the $20 range on Walmart's and Target's websites. You can preorder the four single basic dolls, the Ashlynn and Hunter 2 pack, and the diary  on with a release date of October 27. I'm really looking forward to the two pack and I'm glad that it will be available at a store closer to me than Justice. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monster High Color Me Creepy Sea Monster

Last weekend on an impromptu shopping trip I came across the Monster High Color Me Creepy Sea Monster set. I love the Create A Monsters so I bought the set. The CMC sets come with the already assembled doll, an outfit, a wig, shoes, a red friction stylus, a blue ice stylus, and some arm and leg decorations.
I half unboxed the doll to get to the instructions and the first thing I noticed was that the color change feature is temperature based (reminds me of a Barbie I had as a kid). This feature bothers me a bit because the instructions     state that you fill the insert that's in the blue stylus with water and put it in the freezer for a few hours. Who wants to open a toy and find out they have to wait a few hours to play with it? Not me and definitely not any child I know. This also means that once the area of the doll warms up again the drawings fade, usually in a few minutes. I can see where this provides an unlimited drawing area, but I can see this frustrating some kids who have to keep going back over what they drew to make it visible again. You can also dip the arms and legs in cold water and draw on them with the friction stylus, but this way doesn't work as well, at least not for me.
On the plus side if you take the ice stylus over the top of the torso (the only part of the torso that can be drawn on) there is a neat design hidden. Also the cute ears or antenna, which ever they may be (there are molded ears on the head) attach into holes on the wig to better keep them in place. I like that this set has add on packs that contain extra wigs, clothes and fins, which are great and can be used to accessorize some of the other dolls but overall I prefer the Create A Monsters.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dell's Travel Diary

It has been quite a busy summer here in The Doll Room. Many members have joined the doll family here, and one of them has been on a few adventures.
Hearts for Hearts girl Dell joined the family here earlier in the summer and proved to be quite the travel companion. (Hearts for Hearts girls are 14 inches tall and completely vinyl). You will be seeing some of her excursions over the next several weeks and it will be followed by a special giveaway.
Now to Dell:

Whew its nice to be out of that store and out of that box. I'm so excited to be going on adventures with my new family and finally getting to stretch my legs. My new family likes to hike and we are going to hike near some waterfalls in West Virginia.  I cant wait to see a waterfall, I hope they are as pretty as they look on the brochure.

Wow there are a lot of waterfalls here, and lots of nice trails to hike too. I'm having so much fun, its too bad its starting to rain. Oh poo, the rain ended the trip early, but that's ok, I know we will be going on more adventures soon.
Until next time,
There is a waterfall on this trail, can you see it

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gothic Girl's Versions of Monster High Dolls

I was out shopping over the weekend and saw something I had not noticed before. In two different stores I saw dolls that looked like Monster High dolls but weren't. I didn't get a picture of the first dolls,but they came in two packs and were brightly colored. At the second store I saw another version of dolls by a different manufacturer. These Gothic Girls closely resemble Monster High dolls. The one in the box reminds me of Draculaura and the one on the box art looks a lot like Frankie. They are priced just a bit cheaper than a budget line Monster High doll, but it looks like the clothes should be interchangeable. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Update: Upcoming Monster High doll Jane Boolittle

Update: November 19, 2013
Jane is now available on
Her profile and diary have already been added to the Monster High Wikia.

The upcoming Monster High doll Jane Boolittle, daughter of Dr. Boolittle, made her official debut on Facebook earlier this week. It has been rumored that she may possibly be the Friday the 13th doll for December. It is only a rumor but we do know for sure that she will be available toward the end of the year or the beginning of 2014. 
You can see her pictures here:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bratzillaz Witchy Princesses: Carolina Past

The new releases from the Bratzillaz line are called "Witchy Princesses." there are three dolls in the line and I purchased Carolina. I was drawn to her outfit and he beautiful side glancing eyes. Like the other Bratzilla dolls she comes with a brush shaped like a broom. Carolina has light blue hair with medium blue streaks and part of it is pulled in to a twist. She has side glancing with eyes with blue highlights. she has pale brown eye shadow with dark brown highlights and a silver eye shadow up to her eyebrows. Under her right eye she has a tattoo design and it also extends off of her eyebrow. She has black dangle earrings that look like connected feathers, and her lips are painted dark blue. She is wearing a collar of white lace and blue mesh that velcros at the front. Her dress has spaghetti straps and is black with a blue and teal design. The bottom of the dress has a small piece of white lace on the front and an over skirt at the waist. The over skirt  has a layer of blue tulle under a blue felt material with a black felt overlay. The black overlay is attach to the blue felt and has cut outs in it. The edges are cut very jagged and it looks nice except that the ends are already coming off.  Carolina is wearing dark turquoise heels with a molded bead designed band. She wearing long, blue, metallic  gloves that can easily be slide off her arms and she is holding what looks to me like silver colored opera glasses. I think those are suppose to help her see the answers from the past. She has articulated knees, her lower legs are the bendy rubber type while her upper legs are harder plastic. She comes with a black plastic headband that has a black bird cage attached to it. Inside the cage is a little bird sitting on a perch, and the bird glows in the dark.

look at those eyes

the three princesses, the one on the right is pretty too, just not that crown

love the different shades of blue

This is my first Bratzilla and I love her side glancing insert eyes and her hair. I don't care for the headband with the bird cage, but overall she is a beautiful doll.

Monday, September 2, 2013

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

Isabelle's last name is Palmer and her big unveiling will be tomorrow December 31, on Good Morning America.

DollyDormDiaries has a few great photo stories and comparison photos between McKenna, Lanie and Isabelle. Isabelle's eyes seem to be the same color as Lanie's and her hair is a bit darker.

Isabelle has a pet kitten named Tutu, which is a change, since the last three GotY have had pet dogs. 

Update December 26, 2013
American Girl has added hints, clues and games based on the upcoming girl of the year. I think its great that they are drawing focus to her fashion designing and not just her dancing, and the game demonstrates that. Head to the website and check it out.

Update December 24, 2013
agoverseasfan has posted on her YouTube channel a preview of the new AG catalog that has Isabelle and her collection in it. I have to admit I really like the mix and match pieces and her accessories. The Studio Set is great, pricey but very nice with lots of pieces. If you haven't noticed yet there is a price increase again for 2014. has also posted some pics of Mini Isabelle from someone who had preordered her. I think she's cute with the dark pink hair underneath but her shirt looks huge and very unflattering.

Update October 31, 2013 has posted photos from an eBay auction that had Isabelle for sale. She has blond hair, hazel eyes and the classic face mold. According to the listing she has a hair piece to make her hair look like it is ombre.

Update September 17, 2013
The GOTY 2014 will be made as a mini doll and is available for preorder on

The book descriptions for the 2014 Girl of the Year are now on Amazon. It looks like we can be certain that she will be a ballerina, and most likely has an interest in costume design. Unlike recent GOTYs she has a three book series instead of a two book series. We are now waiting on a name for the 2014 GOTY (it has been rumored her name will be Isabelle). The books were written by Laurence Yep who wrote the books for previous Girl of the Year Mia.

You can read the book summaries here:

We also know that the 2014 GOTY will have a movie.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

American Girl Retiring Molly and Emily

The rumor has been circulating off and on for years and was made official today. American Girl has posted on their website that they are officially retiring Molly and all of her collection, including Emily. My guess will be that they are ceasing production now and as soon as the stock of these items has been depleted they will be moved to the archived section. I'm a big fan of the historicals and am very sad to see Molly, who is the last of the original dolls, be retired. I hope that the historical taking her place will be just as educational and unique as she is.
The rumor is already starting that the next historical will be from the 1950's, I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then if there is anything in Molly's collection that you have put off buying, this is your last chance unless you count eBay.

Friday, June 21, 2013

American Girl Summer Releases

A blogger on another site had the chance to visit the new American girl store in Columbus, Ohio before it opens tomorrow, and she took some fabulous pictures of all the new items. Some of the highlights of this release are a new outfit for Saige (love it), a science set (again, love it), clip in colored streaks and other hairpieces, and two new My American Girl dolls.
You can check out all the pictures here:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

American Girl Store Washington DC ( Tyson's Corner)

Over the weekend I was in the DC area and decided to stop by the Tyson's Corner Mall which is home to the Washington DC American Girl store. For a Saturday it was a lot less crowded than the last time I was there. I was able to take a little longer to browse and enjoy the displays. I am a big fan of the Historical Collection and those displays are my favorites. I loved Caroline's parlor display and Rebecca's bed. Molly's swimsuit was another item I saw that is now on my want list. The displays are so well done, I wish I had room to display my collection like that. Upstairs is the bistro and there was a birthday party going on while I was there. The goodies looked so yummy but I didn't try any, maybe next time. The Historical Collection and the Girl of the Year collection is upstairs. Downstairs is the salon and several girls were getting new summer hair styles for their dolls. The design your own doll T-shirt is next to the salon and the My American Girls, Bitty Twins and Bitty Baby are all downstairs. I enjoyed looking at all the different My American Girl dolls up close. I purchased some of the store exclusives while I was there, the berry skirtini was sold out so I'm glad I got that on my last trip. Saige's Sparkle dress was also sold out, but I did manage to get the exclusive pajama accessories with the stuffed mini Coconut. This trip was by far the better of my three trips to the store.

Sorry for the photo quality. I took these with my phone, I was expecting a more crowded store so I didn't take my camera.