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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bratzillaz Witchy Princesses: Carolina Past

The new releases from the Bratzillaz line are called "Witchy Princesses." there are three dolls in the line and I purchased Carolina. I was drawn to her outfit and he beautiful side glancing eyes. Like the other Bratzilla dolls she comes with a brush shaped like a broom. Carolina has light blue hair with medium blue streaks and part of it is pulled in to a twist. She has side glancing with eyes with blue highlights. she has pale brown eye shadow with dark brown highlights and a silver eye shadow up to her eyebrows. Under her right eye she has a tattoo design and it also extends off of her eyebrow. She has black dangle earrings that look like connected feathers, and her lips are painted dark blue. She is wearing a collar of white lace and blue mesh that velcros at the front. Her dress has spaghetti straps and is black with a blue and teal design. The bottom of the dress has a small piece of white lace on the front and an over skirt at the waist. The over skirt  has a layer of blue tulle under a blue felt material with a black felt overlay. The black overlay is attach to the blue felt and has cut outs in it. The edges are cut very jagged and it looks nice except that the ends are already coming off.  Carolina is wearing dark turquoise heels with a molded bead designed band. She wearing long, blue, metallic  gloves that can easily be slide off her arms and she is holding what looks to me like silver colored opera glasses. I think those are suppose to help her see the answers from the past. She has articulated knees, her lower legs are the bendy rubber type while her upper legs are harder plastic. She comes with a black plastic headband that has a black bird cage attached to it. Inside the cage is a little bird sitting on a perch, and the bird glows in the dark.

look at those eyes

the three princesses, the one on the right is pretty too, just not that crown

love the different shades of blue

This is my first Bratzilla and I love her side glancing insert eyes and her hair. I don't care for the headband with the bird cage, but overall she is a beautiful doll.