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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dell's Travel Diary

It has been quite a busy summer here in The Doll Room. Many members have joined the doll family here, and one of them has been on a few adventures.
Hearts for Hearts girl Dell joined the family here earlier in the summer and proved to be quite the travel companion. (Hearts for Hearts girls are 14 inches tall and completely vinyl). You will be seeing some of her excursions over the next several weeks and it will be followed by a special giveaway.
Now to Dell:

Whew its nice to be out of that store and out of that box. I'm so excited to be going on adventures with my new family and finally getting to stretch my legs. My new family likes to hike and we are going to hike near some waterfalls in West Virginia.  I cant wait to see a waterfall, I hope they are as pretty as they look on the brochure.

Wow there are a lot of waterfalls here, and lots of nice trails to hike too. I'm having so much fun, its too bad its starting to rain. Oh poo, the rain ended the trip early, but that's ok, I know we will be going on more adventures soon.
Until next time,
There is a waterfall on this trail, can you see it