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Monday, September 2, 2013

American Girl GOTY 2014 Isabelle

Isabelle's last name is Palmer and her big unveiling will be tomorrow December 31, on Good Morning America.

DollyDormDiaries has a few great photo stories and comparison photos between McKenna, Lanie and Isabelle. Isabelle's eyes seem to be the same color as Lanie's and her hair is a bit darker.

Isabelle has a pet kitten named Tutu, which is a change, since the last three GotY have had pet dogs. 

Update December 26, 2013
American Girl has added hints, clues and games based on the upcoming girl of the year. I think its great that they are drawing focus to her fashion designing and not just her dancing, and the game demonstrates that. Head to the website and check it out.

Update December 24, 2013
agoverseasfan has posted on her YouTube channel a preview of the new AG catalog that has Isabelle and her collection in it. I have to admit I really like the mix and match pieces and her accessories. The Studio Set is great, pricey but very nice with lots of pieces. If you haven't noticed yet there is a price increase again for 2014. has also posted some pics of Mini Isabelle from someone who had preordered her. I think she's cute with the dark pink hair underneath but her shirt looks huge and very unflattering.

Update October 31, 2013 has posted photos from an eBay auction that had Isabelle for sale. She has blond hair, hazel eyes and the classic face mold. According to the listing she has a hair piece to make her hair look like it is ombre.

Update September 17, 2013
The GOTY 2014 will be made as a mini doll and is available for preorder on

The book descriptions for the 2014 Girl of the Year are now on Amazon. It looks like we can be certain that she will be a ballerina, and most likely has an interest in costume design. Unlike recent GOTYs she has a three book series instead of a two book series. We are now waiting on a name for the 2014 GOTY (it has been rumored her name will be Isabelle). The books were written by Laurence Yep who wrote the books for previous Girl of the Year Mia.

You can read the book summaries here:

We also know that the 2014 GOTY will have a movie.