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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Wilde Girls

I've  been waiting a few weeks to share these pictures of Wilde Imagination's Amber Disquietude , Ellowyne Wilde Timid Tan Too and Ellowyne Going in Circles with you, but some of  the other posts got in the way.

First we have Amber just posing with the house plants and showing off that cute butterfly clip.

A  few weeks ago I took "Timid Tan Too" and "Going In Circles" outside for a quick photo shoot, before the weather became too cold. They really enjoyed posing by the trees.

who has prettier eyes?

Which Wilde girl do you like best?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monster High Picture Day Abbey Bominable

I spent the last few days going to the after Thanksgiving sales and amid shopping for gifts I found a few new dolls to add to my collection. I had heard about the Monster High Picture Day dolls on Monday and didn't expect to see any in the stores because around here we get the new stuff a little later than most places. I happened  across Abbey in WalMart and had to buy her since she is one of my favorite characters in the lineup.
Abbey is ice blue and VERY sparkly, more so than Skull Shores Abbey. She has dark pink lips and blue, purple, and pink eyeshadow over her pink and purple eyes. Her hair is layered with pink, blue, and purple streaks, it also has the glittery tinsel like strands. She is wearing a blue, purple ,and pink dress that almost looks like it is tie dyed. It has a green metallic piece at the top masdse to look like melting ice. She has on a black sparkly "fur" shrug, and a black belt made to look like ice. She is wearing white leggings with black, blue, pink and purple triangles on them made to look like ice crystals. Her outfit is finished of with black "ice" boots with the tops made of "ice crystals" to look like fur, and a pink icicle earring. Her hands seem larger in this version, I'm not a hundred percent certain but to me they look a lot bigger. She has a dark pink backpack with a keyring containing three black keys on it. She also has a blue ice print portfolio and a copy of the Fearbook. The Fearbook has Abbey's picks for most likely to succeed, most likely late for class and fastest. It conatins stickers of all the students and a place for you to put the pictures for your picks for fastest, most likely to succeed, and always late for class. It also has a group photo in the back of the student bodies, it is the same picture that was on the bag given away at SDCC, and a signature page with the students signatures.
The bottom right hand corner of the box has Abbey's fearbook picture on it. the back of the box has Abbey's biographical information that was on her original release box. It also shows the other student bodies in their fearbook photos. Draculaura's face and body is blacked out since she is a vampire. BFF is written accross Draculaura's and Clawdeen's photos. Toralei's photo has ice on it and she is wearing her fashion pack outfit. Clawd's, Ghoulia's, Clawdeen's and Deuce's photos are their original official art, and Abbey's, Cleo's, Spectra's and Draculaura's are from this line.

I look forward to seeing the Cleo doll since in the picture she has long hair and the recent releases have had short hair, and Hissette is in the photo so I'm hoping he will be included.

Abbey's photo is so cute

the other ghouls in this line, love Cleo


Does her hands seem large to you?


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Create A Monster add on Siren

I was so excited to see a package waiting for me when I got home. I knew it could only be one thing, the new Monster High Create A Monster Siren Add on Pack. It looks even better in person. The pack contains a light blue head with dark pink lips, blue eyebrows, purple eyes, and turquoise and purple eyeshadow. The tail is blue with pink fins, and the bottom is hinged so she can stand up on it. She has light blue almost grey forearms and hands, the forearms have pink fins and the hands have pink plastic "webbing" between the fingers. She has two a thick belts, one pink with seashells and starfish on it,and the other blue with anchors on it. She comes with a halter top with pink, purple, blue and black splashes on it, that velcros in the back and ties at her neck with black ribbon. Her wig is blue with white and pale yellow streaks and is curly.
The box art on the back shows the Mummy/Gorgon girl and Ice/ Blob girl Create a Monster sets, and the harpy add on pack. All the new sets look great and I can't wait to get them, but first I need to find a torso so I can put Siren girl together.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster High Scaris City of Frights Frankie

Today I wanted to share Monster High Scaris city of Frights Frankie Stein with you. Frankie has long, layered, slightly wavy black and white hair and dark blue lips. She is wearing yellow sunglasses with lightening blots across the top and sides and a yellow dangling earring. Frankie has on a long blue shirt, with pink trim down the front and the bottom. It has black trim on the sleeves and a black belt at the waist. The shirt has black Eiffel Towers and black sprockets on it. She is wearing a white skirt with blue stitches and black trim at the bottom, with black high heeled boots with a lightening bolt on the side. She comes with a blue suitcase  that is made to look like a machine with a lightening bolt handle, and a trip diary. This line comes with a black stand which is nice since one wasn't included in other recent lines.

The back of the box features the other ghouls in the main Scaris line and a small diary excerpt.

Monster High Scaris City of Frights Clawdeen

I was out holiday shopping today and came across something that surprised me, Monster High Scaris City of Frights dolls. It is very surprising to get new products in my area so soon, so I had to buy the two I found. I purchased Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein, they didn't have any of the new characters. Scaris Clawdeen has long, dark brown hair with purple streaks. She is wearing pink and silver eye shadow and her lips are painted a candy pink color. Clawdeen is wearing a purple halter top with black trim, a black fur shrug,  a purple skirt with a black, lace overlay with lace trim and gold leopard print. She has on three gold belts, the last one has crescent moons hanging off of it. She is wearing two gold, spiked hoop earrings in one ear and a gold Eiffel Tower earring in the other, and gold, high heels covered in spikes. She has on four gold bracelets that look like belts and is carrying her fashion portfolio. She has a purple suitcase that has three gold crescent moons on it and also comes with a journal of her trip. I'm also pleased that these new dolls come with a black stand.
the back of the box has a picture of the ghouls that are in the main Scaris line and a brief diary entry by Clawdeen.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monster High special at TRU

I just wanted to let everyone know that TRU is offering an in store special on Monster High dolls. If you buy $50 or more you get a FREE Skull Shores doll of your choice. This is until Thursday. They also have Novi Star, La Dee Da, and Cutie Pops for 25% off until Thursday.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

NEW Monster High CAM add on packs Siren/Harpy

Mattel has released two new Monster High Create A Monster Add On Packs, a siren and a harpy. The Siren comes with a teal and pink mermaid tail, a halter top, and a curly blue wig. the Harpy contains purple and black wings, what looks like a strapless dress, and a black curly wig. Both packs are really pretty, and are available on Amazon. I've included the links to each so you can see how pretty they are.
Siren Girl

Harpy Girl

Which one do you like best?

UPDATE: American Girl McKenna Sold Out

UPDATE 12/16/12
McKenna's school outfit has sold out.

UPDATE 12/3/12
McKenna has sold out! Her school outfit, books and DVD are still available. Her dog is back ordered until January, and her bed and bars and beams are back ordered until March.

UPDATE: The only items available in McKenna's collection are her dog (backordered until January), and her school outfit. Her bed and bars and beams are backordered until next year and Mckenna herself is backordered until mid December. Everything else is SOLD OUT.

I was just browsing the American Girl website and noticed that McKenna's starter collection is sold out. Her fancy outfit, and all the girl size clothes in her collection are also sold out. The bars and beams and her bed are back ordered until February 2013. The doll and the rest of her collection are back ordered until December, so if you want McKenna and haven't purchased her yet it looks like you are running out of time.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Vintage Holly Hobbie (discontinued)

Today we are flashing back in time to feature Holly Hobbie. The original character,  a patchwork dress wearing girl with a bonnet, was drawn by a woman with the name Holly Hobbie, and that became the character's name. In 1974 the character was turned into a line of rag dolls, and was very popular for several years. The line was relaunched in 2006 as Holly Hobbie and Friends and is now a plastic/ vinyl doll instead of a rag doll.

This is a six inch Holly Hobbie rag doll from the 1970s. She has a plush cloth body and is wearing her blue patchwork dress with white flower printed sleeves and trim. She has her trademark blue bonnet with tiny yellow flowers printed all over it, and her leggings under her dress have the same print as her bonnet. She has light brown yarn hair styled in two pig tail braids. Her face is very sweet, she has brown eyes, a thin smile, a small line for a nose, and a slight blush on her cheeks. Her dress does come off, it buttons at top in the back and ties in a bow in the middle, her bonnet and leggings are sewn to her body. She is very sweet and I think the older version has more charm than the newer versions.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ellowyne Wilde "Going In Circles" by Wilde Imagination / Tonner

Today I want to introduce you to my first Ellowyne Wilde doll, I know she isn't the first one  I have written about, but she was the first one I purchased, Ellowyne Wilde "Going In Circle." She has painted green eyes and long dark brown rooted hair. Her lips are painted a light rose color and her finger nails and toe nails are painted pink. She is wearing a tank top strap dress with brown, pink, and green circles on it. She has on a rose colored jacket with three buttons, and four functional pockets. The jacket has a green flower with leaves attached to it. Under the skirt of her dress she has a petticoat in the same shade of green as the flower on her jacket. She is wearing green and gold patterned pantyhose and dark plum colored strappy heels. The heels have working straps that hold the shoes on, which I love because Timid Tan Too's shoes are always falling off. She is wearing a necklace with brown colored beads and the main "stone" is a light rose color.

She is extremely photogenic, as are all the Ellowynes. I love how her face looked in every picture I saw of her and that is why I chose her to start off my Ellowyne collection. She was released in 2011 and was limited edition of 1000 and has since sold out.

Puma Boy & WereCat Girl

My Monster High CAM werecat and puma boy have taken a liking to each other, and they wanted to have their picture taken together. So here are a few of the photos.

Monster High CAM Puma Boy

Today is another Monster High day here in The Doll Room, and we are featuring the Create A Monster Puma boy. I used the parts from Gargoyle boy to complete him (I'm still thinking up a name). He has a unique face mold, I know I always say this but it is just so rare for big companies that produce so many characters to do this. His face is blue and grey, with golden orange eyes and thick black eyebrows. He has grey markings from above his eyebrows down to his chin, a black outline around his nose for a more feline appearance, four black spots under each side of his nose, and blue lips. He has a short black wig with a left side part, that resembles that of the Vampire / Gargoyle boy. The torso has openings in the back to attach wings or a tail, and molded underwear. Puma boy has a thick blue tail that curves, and blue legs with articulated ankles. His outfit includes a dark blue tank top with a black claw mark design that is outlined in light blue that Velcros in the back. He has on black shorts with light blue stitching that makes them look like they have pockets. He is wearing black high top tennis shoes with dark blue molded laces, dark blue claw marks on the sides, dark blue soles, and dark blue toes with black claw mark design. He is unique and a great addition to the very, very small selection of boy dolls in the Monster High universe.

He needs a name so if you have any suggestions let me know.

Monster High Skull Shores Frankie Black & White

I'm finally getting caught up on posting some of my collection. Today we have Monster High's Skull Shores Frankie in black and white. This is the first Frankie with short hair, it is chin length. She is done in gray scale. She is wearing a monokini in black with grey splotches and silver streaking, and the center of the monokini is silver. The wrap over the bottom of the monokini matches the top of the swimsuit. She has a grey sprocket style bracelet on her left wrist, and is wearing heeled sandals with the heels made of sprockets. She has shiny silver bolts on her neck, and dark grey lipstick. She has one light grey eye and one dark grey eye that is almost black, and silver eyeliner under her eyes. the back of the box has a note from Frankie about her vacation at Skull Shores.
I don't know what it is about this version of her, I guess its the lack of bright colors, but I think this is one of the more elegant Frankies that has been made. The hair length looks good on this version of her, but overall I prefer the hair length of the Roller Maze version better.

Monster High CAM Werecat

As I have mentioned before, I love the Monster High Create A Monster packs. This time I want to introduce you to the pretty, pink werecat. The set is the Witch/ Werecat set, and I will admit that I bought two packs so I could use the extra torsos for my add on packs, this was before Mattel came out with the matching torsos for those. Each of Monster High's characters have a different face mold including the CAM, which is amazing considering all the characters in the line. Miss Werecat has a pink body (or you can use green your choice) with bright blue eyes and light green eye shadow. She has dark red lips, and a red outlining on the bottom of her nose to make it look more cat like. She has three pair of whiskers between her nose and mouth. Her forearms each have three black tiger stripes, as do her lower legs. Her newer model torso has a hole in the lower back for her tail, molded underwear, and she has a set of pink ears. Her outfit includes a  black t-shirt that Velcros in the back and has a dead green bird on the front (kinda creepy), and a blue skirt with black tiger stripes that pulls on. Her shoes are great, they are black stiletto heels with a strap across the toes and a black cat laying on the strap whose tail wraps around the doll's ankle. She has a purple wig with blue streaks that is suppose to be cut in a chin length bob, my wig came a little messy but it still works. Her hands are also unique because the fingers/claws are holding a pose that resembles the ASL sign for I love you. You can mix and match her parts with the green parts for the witch that was in the set if you prefer.

Monster High Cleo de Nile, Dawn of the Dance

Time for a blast from the more recent past, Monster High's Cleo de Nile, Dawn of the Dance. This line is discontinued but you can still find some of the dolls for a reasonable price on Amazon. Cleo is dressed in her dance outfit, a yellow and turquoise colored dress made to look like mummy wrappings.the turquoise collar of the dress wraps all the way down her left arm gauntlet and ending in her hand. She is wearing a gold and black wrap printed stocking on her right leg, and emerald green heels with a gold dangle of the heel. She has on a gold cuff bracelet, gold earrings, a gold necklace, and a gold colored purse to store her iCoffin. Cleo has shoulder length black hair with silvery blue streaks. Her hair is very stiff and not designed for brushing and styling. She has green eyes, with a little yellow in them and purple glittery eyeshadow. She has a blue "diamond" painted on her right cheek, and plum colored lips. I love the lip color on this Cleo and I think she is prettier than most of the newer Cleo dolls (except the Ghouls Rule Cleo). She comes with an invitation to the dance, a postcard of her Deuce and Ghoulia at the dance, and a card of the whole group making funny faces at the camera. The box has a yellow diamond on the front  upper left corner, and on the back is Cleo's diary of her day prepping for the dance. I think this is one of the nicer earlier lines in the Monster High world and I look forward to more great dolls like this one in the future.
love her face, its gorgeous

Sunday, November 11, 2012

American Girl Store Tyson's Corner (Washington DC)

I went to the American Girl store in Tyson's Corner ( Washington DC ) for the first time yesterday. I will have to say that I'm still undecided about if it lived up to my expectations. I'm still debating on if it even lived up to the reviews and comments I've heard from others. The decorated Christmas tree with its pretty pink and purple ornaments was nice, as was the wreaths in the windows. Some of the displays were absolutely beautiful, while others were very lackluster. I enjoyed seeing Caroline's collection and all of the My American Girl dolls. There were no McKenna items to be found in the store other than the doll ( I had already bought one ) and I understand that almost everything in her collection is back ordered, or at least there, sold out. I thought a lot of the My American Girl items look better in the catalog than in person. I had several including a holiday outfit that I was interested in purchasing, and upon seeing them in person ruled against all of them. On the plus side the store exclusive doll bikini is cute, as are the exclusive treat set and dishes.
Overall the experience was just that, an experience, not good or bad.

Friday, November 9, 2012

J C Penney exclusive MH Draculaura Roadster set

On one of my recent (doll) shopping adventures, I finally found the J C Penney exclusive Monster High Draculaura Roadster set. I always enjoy finding the exclusives, and this one did not disappoint. We will start with the Roadster, it looks similar to the Sweet 1600 roadster but not the same. It has  a cobweb and bow design on each fender and pink heart shaped headlights with cobwebs in them. The hood of the car also has the cobweb design with bats and bows, and two pink stripes that lead to a pink heart. The front of the car has a pink heart design with a pink bat hood ornament. The car has a pink windshield and two hearts on the side of the car to the lower left of the driver side door. The bottom of the car is pink and the black part of the car is designed to resemble black paint poured of the pink. The seats are pink and made to look like they are quilted with a heart on the headrest, and the seat belt buckles are shaped like bows. The steering wheel has a skullette design in the middle and the turn signal also has a skullette on it.The Draculaura doll is adorable with her short hair that is curled out, and she seems to have more pink highlights than usual. She is wearing a black and pink dress with a heart design and a pink bow tie. The dress has black mesh at the bottom and at the neck. The outfit is finished of with pink heels and cute pink sunglasses made to look like a bow. Her eyes are a pink and purple color with pink eyeshadow and a little bit of glitter, and her lips are a mauve color which looks great on her. This doll has to be one of my favorite Draculaura dolls, I love the little details in her outfit and the lip color is amazing.


see the cute seat belt buckles
pretty lip color