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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monster High CAM Puma Boy

Today is another Monster High day here in The Doll Room, and we are featuring the Create A Monster Puma boy. I used the parts from Gargoyle boy to complete him (I'm still thinking up a name). He has a unique face mold, I know I always say this but it is just so rare for big companies that produce so many characters to do this. His face is blue and grey, with golden orange eyes and thick black eyebrows. He has grey markings from above his eyebrows down to his chin, a black outline around his nose for a more feline appearance, four black spots under each side of his nose, and blue lips. He has a short black wig with a left side part, that resembles that of the Vampire / Gargoyle boy. The torso has openings in the back to attach wings or a tail, and molded underwear. Puma boy has a thick blue tail that curves, and blue legs with articulated ankles. His outfit includes a dark blue tank top with a black claw mark design that is outlined in light blue that Velcros in the back. He has on black shorts with light blue stitching that makes them look like they have pockets. He is wearing black high top tennis shoes with dark blue molded laces, dark blue claw marks on the sides, dark blue soles, and dark blue toes with black claw mark design. He is unique and a great addition to the very, very small selection of boy dolls in the Monster High universe.

He needs a name so if you have any suggestions let me know.