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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monster High CAM Werecat

As I have mentioned before, I love the Monster High Create A Monster packs. This time I want to introduce you to the pretty, pink werecat. The set is the Witch/ Werecat set, and I will admit that I bought two packs so I could use the extra torsos for my add on packs, this was before Mattel came out with the matching torsos for those. Each of Monster High's characters have a different face mold including the CAM, which is amazing considering all the characters in the line. Miss Werecat has a pink body (or you can use green your choice) with bright blue eyes and light green eye shadow. She has dark red lips, and a red outlining on the bottom of her nose to make it look more cat like. She has three pair of whiskers between her nose and mouth. Her forearms each have three black tiger stripes, as do her lower legs. Her newer model torso has a hole in the lower back for her tail, molded underwear, and she has a set of pink ears. Her outfit includes a  black t-shirt that Velcros in the back and has a dead green bird on the front (kinda creepy), and a blue skirt with black tiger stripes that pulls on. Her shoes are great, they are black stiletto heels with a strap across the toes and a black cat laying on the strap whose tail wraps around the doll's ankle. She has a purple wig with blue streaks that is suppose to be cut in a chin length bob, my wig came a little messy but it still works. Her hands are also unique because the fingers/claws are holding a pose that resembles the ASL sign for I love you. You can mix and match her parts with the green parts for the witch that was in the set if you prefer.