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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Monster High Cleo de Nile, Dawn of the Dance

Time for a blast from the more recent past, Monster High's Cleo de Nile, Dawn of the Dance. This line is discontinued but you can still find some of the dolls for a reasonable price on Amazon. Cleo is dressed in her dance outfit, a yellow and turquoise colored dress made to look like mummy wrappings.the turquoise collar of the dress wraps all the way down her left arm gauntlet and ending in her hand. She is wearing a gold and black wrap printed stocking on her right leg, and emerald green heels with a gold dangle of the heel. She has on a gold cuff bracelet, gold earrings, a gold necklace, and a gold colored purse to store her iCoffin. Cleo has shoulder length black hair with silvery blue streaks. Her hair is very stiff and not designed for brushing and styling. She has green eyes, with a little yellow in them and purple glittery eyeshadow. She has a blue "diamond" painted on her right cheek, and plum colored lips. I love the lip color on this Cleo and I think she is prettier than most of the newer Cleo dolls (except the Ghouls Rule Cleo). She comes with an invitation to the dance, a postcard of her Deuce and Ghoulia at the dance, and a card of the whole group making funny faces at the camera. The box has a yellow diamond on the front  upper left corner, and on the back is Cleo's diary of her day prepping for the dance. I think this is one of the nicer earlier lines in the Monster High world and I look forward to more great dolls like this one in the future.
love her face, its gorgeous