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Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster High Scaris City of Frights Clawdeen

I was out holiday shopping today and came across something that surprised me, Monster High Scaris City of Frights dolls. It is very surprising to get new products in my area so soon, so I had to buy the two I found. I purchased Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein, they didn't have any of the new characters. Scaris Clawdeen has long, dark brown hair with purple streaks. She is wearing pink and silver eye shadow and her lips are painted a candy pink color. Clawdeen is wearing a purple halter top with black trim, a black fur shrug,  a purple skirt with a black, lace overlay with lace trim and gold leopard print. She has on three gold belts, the last one has crescent moons hanging off of it. She is wearing two gold, spiked hoop earrings in one ear and a gold Eiffel Tower earring in the other, and gold, high heels covered in spikes. She has on four gold bracelets that look like belts and is carrying her fashion portfolio. She has a purple suitcase that has three gold crescent moons on it and also comes with a journal of her trip. I'm also pleased that these new dolls come with a black stand.
the back of the box has a picture of the ghouls that are in the main Scaris line and a brief diary entry by Clawdeen.