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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Create A Monster add on Siren

I was so excited to see a package waiting for me when I got home. I knew it could only be one thing, the new Monster High Create A Monster Siren Add on Pack. It looks even better in person. The pack contains a light blue head with dark pink lips, blue eyebrows, purple eyes, and turquoise and purple eyeshadow. The tail is blue with pink fins, and the bottom is hinged so she can stand up on it. She has light blue almost grey forearms and hands, the forearms have pink fins and the hands have pink plastic "webbing" between the fingers. She has two a thick belts, one pink with seashells and starfish on it,and the other blue with anchors on it. She comes with a halter top with pink, purple, blue and black splashes on it, that velcros in the back and ties at her neck with black ribbon. Her wig is blue with white and pale yellow streaks and is curly.
The box art on the back shows the Mummy/Gorgon girl and Ice/ Blob girl Create a Monster sets, and the harpy add on pack. All the new sets look great and I can't wait to get them, but first I need to find a torso so I can put Siren girl together.