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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Journey Girls 2016 Holiday Doll

The latest edition of the Journey Girl dolls have hit stores and this year the girls are in New York. *Does "Welcome to New York" start playing in anyone else's mind?* The Holiday doll for this year has been revealed, her name is Ilee and she retails for 49.99. There are two versions available a blonde and a brunette.

What do you think of Ilee? Will you be adding her to your collection?

AG Melody Pre-Sale

Last week American Girl sent out a cryptic email that read if you sign up for the AG Rewards program before July 27, you would receive a special offer on August 1. It was revealed, due to an IT error, that the reward will be being able to pre-order Melody and part of her collection. The items have been removed from but many bloggers were able to get screen shots of the pre-order collection such as 
What do you think of the pre-order bundle?
Are you going to pre-order Melody?

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

American Girl Rewards

It looks like American Girl's rewards program went live earlier today. You can register online using your user ID or you can create a new account on the website. When you register the site shows your current reward tier, points to next tier, and tier expiration date. I'm not certain  but it seems like you may have to maintain a certain purchase level to remain on the higher tiers.
I'm looking forward to seeing how the rewards program will develop over time.