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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pinkie Cooper in Paris

I have been trying to write this review for awhile, and it originally started as a review of Pepper, then I saw the Pinkie in Paris set and had to buy it. The set includes Pinkie, Li'l Pinkie, a hairbrush, a Paris sticker, a bouquet of purple flowers, and a tote bag in a pink and dark brown striped box (that reminds me of a cupcake store). Pinkie is wearing tall, black, open toed boots with gold heels, a pink denim like skirt with a gold belt. The skirt has a loop sewn inside for one of her legs to go through and help keep her skirt up. She has on a long sleeved black and white striped body suit with gold stones at the collar, a black beret with a pink flower, and a pink scarf with white dots. Her ears are reversible and have blonde and brown hair. Her body is mostly white and her knees have a pink blush to them, her left leg has four brown spots. Her finger nails are pink and there is a pink heart on the inside of each of her hands. Most of her head is a light tan color with some white detailing. She has a dark pink heart and four small dots between her eyes. I love her eyes, she has applied upper lashes and painted on lower lashes, her eyes are brown with a small green line around them. She has light pink and dark rose colored eye shadow with a purple line separating the two colors. Her beret feels like its made of a black felt like material with a plastic pink flower attached to it with some of the gold tinsel stuff that the belt is made of under it. The bouquet is flexible plastic four long stem purple roses, the bag is roughly cut but cute and is made out of medium thickness mesh material with swirl designs on it. Lil Pinkie is very cute, and looks like she is smiling so big that her eyes are squinted shut. Her ears are removable too and are pink pompom designs. She has on a scarf that matches Pinkie's, and has a light blush at her feet and eyes. She is also mostly white with a few brown spots, one of which is heart shaped on her back left leg. Her head turns and her nose is a black heart, and her other facial features are black.
Overall I think this set is wonderful and I absolutely love Pinkie Cooper, her face is just so adorable. I think this line is very innovative and I look forward to seeing what else they come up with.