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Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland

It's a new year and that of course means time for a new Girl of the Year from American Girl. Welcome to the GotY family Saige Copeland. Saige is from New Mexico, she loves art, especially painting and horseback riding. Her collection features several western outfits complete with western boots ( which I love ), a 48 inch tall " hot air" balloon, an art set and a horse named Picasso. I like how all the animals are named after artists, hopefully it sparks new interest in their work.
Saige is really pretty with what looks like auburn hair, blue eyes and freckles. Now for those of you who have followed American Girl for awhile I have heard from several people that her collection is very reminiscent of Nicki's. I personally believe that she closely resembles Nicki ( who I think is so cute ). I plan on purchasing Saige soon to bring my Girl of the Year collection up to date, then I will thoroughly compare the two. Until then I will share these stock photos that were found online with you, again NOT my photos. Oh and for those of you like myself who plan on purchasing Saige or any other American Girl doll the price has risen again, they are now $110.