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Monday, October 15, 2012

Monster High plush Friends (discontinued)

I'm sure everyone is very aware of the Monster High doll line by now, but back when the dolls were first released, they released plush versions of most of the dolls with their pets. These plush Friends were made for children younger than the dolls recommended age. Each set came with a plush version of the character and its pet. The back of the box featured a mini biography of the pet, similar to the ones about the dolls on their boxes. They have been discontinued by Mattel but you can still find them at some stores. I found mine on clearance at Target over the Summer and ended up buying four different ones.

First we have Spectra Vondergeist and Rhuen. Both Spectra and Rhuen have soft plush bodies. Spectra have yarn hair in two different shades of purple, and stitched eyes made to look like buttons. Her dress is sewn to her body and the skirt has a black overlay on it. Her feet are made to look like she's wearing shoes and are of a vinyl like material. Rhuen is purple with dark purple stitched mouth and nose. His eyes are also stitched to look like buttons. Rhuen's bff's are Sir Hoots A Lot and Shiver.

Next we have Ghoulia Yelps and Sir Hoots A Lot. Like all other Friends characters they both have plush bodies. Ghoulia's clothes are actually part of her body with the exception of her cherry print tank top and black mesh sleeves. Her feet are also made to look like shoes with a vinyl material. Her hair is made from two different colors of blue yarn. Her eyes are stitched to look like button with a piece of cloth shaped like her trademark glasses over top of them. Sir Hoots A Lot is made from a lime teal colored cloth with white cloth feet and a white cloth spot on his chest. He has yellow stitched eyes that look like buttons with a turquoise piece made to look like a mask. Sir Hoots A Lot is 4 years old and his favorite food is small rodents.