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Monday, October 22, 2012

LIV Doll Daniela as the White Queen

I finally broke down and bought a LIV doll last week. I kept hearing wonderful things about their pose ability so I figured it was time to buy one. Of course when I finally decide to buy one I find out they have been discontinued, luckily my local Target had some left and I managed to get one on clearence. I pick Daniela dressed as the White Queen from Alice In Wonderland. Since the one I picked out and liked the best happens to be part of a set, I'm probably not going to take her out of the box. She was still really lovely to photograph even in her box. I love how the flip up tab on the box shows the other dolls in this line dressed as the other characters from the story. It shows them rehearsing for their school play of Alice In Wonderland.
I love her silvery white dress and her crown, I think her face is really nice and has great paint details and a beautiful lip color.
This outfit is so amazing
everyone all dressed up