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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Top Toys Under $75

With the holiday season upon us it's time for a top toys post:
Under $75
In the area I live Frozen is very popular with the younger crowd, especially anything Olaf related. The light up, singing Snowglow Elsa also seems to be very popular. 

Legos/Lego Friends
A classic toy, boys and girls alike enjoy building with Legos. I was informed by boy at the store last week that "the helicopter set is awesome." The characters in the Friends set are really cute. Both the classic Legos and Lego Friends offer small sets that retail for around $6.

Journey Girls dolls
This year the girls traveled to London and  got nice new outfits for their trip. The dolls are similar to American Girl dolls but they have a vinyl chest plate over a stuffed cloth body and their eyes don't close. I really like the purple party dress set and the holiday doll is gorgeous. If you want a nice 18 inch doll but at a significantly lower than American Girl price, this would be my top pick. This line is exclusive to Toys R Us and the holiday doll is gorgeous and comes in two different versions, light brown hair with blue eyes and dark brown hair with 
brown eyes.
Regular Journey Girls retail for approximately $40, while the holiday edition doll retails for $50.

Hot Wheels
They come themed to Hanna Barbera cartoons or resemble characters from Spongebob these cars have been captivating generations for over 50 years.  You can get single cars for less than a dollar at most department stores and the more detailed ones for less than $5. Add in the new track builder concept and these great stocking stuffers also make great presents.

"Style" Barbie and her friends feature articulation similar to Monster High dolls and come with multi piece mix and match outfits. The outfits are stylish and the mix and match options are great especially between multiple dolls. My favorites from this line are Midge, Raquelle, and Teresa. Retail Price $20-$25

Ever After High
The children of fairy tale characters have a lot going on at Ever After High.  From Maddie's tea parties to Thronecoming this line has really expanded over a year. With similar articulation to MH dolls and interesting fashions I really like the Legacy Day Ashlynn Ella doll, Maddie's Tea Party set, and the O'Hair twins 2 pack.