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Monday, June 29, 2015

American Girl GoTY 2016

Update January 3, 2016
By now I think we are all very excited for Lea. I ventured to Americal Girl Place Washington DC on release day and took some photos with my phone.
Rainforest house

Lea's Hiking outfit (I had to buy this one)

Lea in part of her swim set
Lea's fruit stand

Lea's mix and match swim set

Lea's kayak set

Lea in her meet outfit

Lea's earrings

Update December 2015:
The cover for the first book has been leaked and you can view it at the sight below.

Update August 25:
The title's of the GotY books are out on Amazon, GotY Leads the Way
GotY dives in and GotY and Camila. GotY and Camila is the March book release and is the only one with a description available. From the description though we now know the the 2016 GotY is from St.Louis.
It was also revealed in the description for the three book boxed set that the GotY travels to Brazil.

Update June 24:
A seller from China had a new mini doll listed earlier on eBay (the listing has been removed). The mini doll had what appeared to be a medium Josefina mold with dark blonde hair and what looked like grey eyes (it's hard to tell from the picture). She was wearing a brightly colored patterned sundress. There was another sundress that was on eBay that is rumored to belong to the 2016 GoTY, it was a purple tie-dye.
The name Gabriela has been trademarked by Mattel for American Girl and is the rumored name for GoTY 2016. It was also stated in the auditions for GoTY 2016 that she is mixed race.

I'm looking forward to seeing Gabriela (if that's her name), and I hope she has a captivating story and diverse interests.