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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

American Girl Summer Release

It has been a busy week or so for American Girl fans, a lot of new items were revealed. 
First we have Grace's sightseeing outfit, which is the outfit she is wearing on the cover of her third book (this is my favorite outfit from her collection). Then we have her sightseeing accessories, a poncho, boots and blue heart shaped sunglasses. 
Addy received a new night gown, bed and bedding set. All of her new things are lovely and feature her new signature blue.
Kit received a new bed and bedding set (love the design on the comforter), radio with accessories, and one piece pajamas. I really like her new pajamas.
Josefina received a new bed and bedding, night gown (with orange accents) and nighttime accessories which includes the return of her doll Nina.
Julie received a new bed,bedding, a daisy vanity, and new zig zag pajamas.
Rebecca received new satin pajamas (very cute) and a bed room accessories set that contains dominos and nesting dolls (my favorite new set).
Truly Me received a Sparkle Sweater outfit, Recess Ready outfit, hot lunch set, crock pot dinner set, telescope, sports equipment storage bench set, a terrier puppy (I think it is supposed to be a Yorkie, but I'm not sure). The Truly Me line also received a new Halloween Mod Monster costume, it looks like she is suppose to be the Bride of Frankenstein.

I really like all the new reveals especially the return of the bed room accessory sets.
What is your favorite thing from the sneak peek reveals?