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Monday, August 17, 2015

American Girl Place DC Sold Out Items

As of 8/15 the American girl store in Washington DC has the following items listed as Out of Stock:
Kit's Chicken Keeping Outfit
Grace's store exclusive bakery treats
Caroline's calf Garnet
Caroline's Travel Dress
Caroline's Spencer and Bonnet
Caroline's Work Dress
Caroline's Travel Basket
Caroline's Accessories
Doodle Backpack Set

There was one of Caroline's Banquet Table left.
The Caroline display was almost empty except for Caroline, her night gown, holiday dress and blue special occasion dress. Her skiff and bed were both still on display but I didn't see her cat Inkpot and  he could be sold out. 

The mini doll display shelf is still on sale, and the store exclusive Sailboard was on sale for $29.

The current Purchase with Purchase (PWP) is Saige's picnic set for $14.

The tweed hat, sparkle beanie and fedora were on display but were nowhere to be found.

The store exclusive purple skirt was on sale for $6.

The buy two save 15% sale on accessories is still active.

They are handing out coupons for $10 off of a $100 purchase for September, however the coupons have a unique code like the ones for August (it is safe to assume this will be the new normal). The coupons are also only good from September 1 through September 22 instead of the whole month. Speculation is that the 23 will be the release of the holiday items.