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Monday, July 27, 2015

American Girl Place Washington DC Out of Stock items

I was at the DC American Girl store over the weekend and wanted to update everyone on what I saw (or didn't see as the case may be) while I was there.

Caroline's Travel Basket, Hat and Spencer, and Work Dress were all out of stock. The sales associate I spoke to told me, "since she is leaving us at the end of August what ever we have is all that is left and we aren't getting anything else for her." That being said I purchased Caroline's calf Garnet which had to be brought from the back, and the lady told me only two were left. 
It seems that American Girl is pushing for Caroline to be out of stores before Maryellen's debut in August.

Julie's Mixed Print Maxi Dress was Out of Stock

Dalmatian puppy was out of stock

Kit's Chicken Keeping Outfit was Out of Stock and has been the only Limited Edition Outfit to go Out of Stock there according to the sales associate.

Grace's in-store only bakery treats were Out of Stock

The Purchase with Purchase Rash Guard and Shorts set was no longer available and all the dolls on the Sail Boards were dressed in the Flower Print Bikini. There was a Bitty Baby Diaper bag available as a Purchase with Purchase. 

They were handing out coupons at checkout with your purchase for $10 off of any purchase over $100 during the month of August. Unlike before when every coupon had the same code the new coupons have a unique code that can only be used once.