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Friday, January 11, 2013

Novi Stars Una Verse

With all the new lines coming out for some of the more popular dolls I decided it was time to purchase some of the ones i had been eyeing for awhile before they are discontinued. One of the dolls I have been wanting for awhile and kept putting off purchasing was Novi Stars Una Verse, but when I found her on sale on amazon I knew it was time to buy her. She arrived a few days ago and I'm just now getting around to opening her up. The glitter in her legs has bothered me every time I've seen her in a store, it was puddled at the bottom and wouldn't move around like it suppose to. Luckily the one i received doesn't have that problem (yay) her "sparkles" move very well in her legs and that just makes me like her even more, I even saw a few little stars in there. I don't understand the headband on the top of the box, it doesn't look like it would fit a child and it looks like it could possibly hurt to have in your hair. The cute Monster High style biography on the back of the box is interesting, but as someone on another blog pointed out some of the references and grammar is inaccurate. The dress is prettier on the box and looks alittle too short on Una. She is wearing a light blue rose ring on her right hand (cute) and a silver colored bracelet. I do NOT like the shoes but they have to be styled that way to fit in the glow in the dark stand. I think she has the prettiest hair out of all the Novi Star dolls with a streak of dark blue and a streak of light blue among her white hair. The white hair seems a little thin in the back and you can see her blue scalp. The styling product in her hair is flaking a bit in her bangs.The hair texture is coarse and I'm not sure if it can be styled well. I decided to brush her hair and see if it improved it any, the brushing just caused a brush full of hair to come out and her head to fall off. Her head doesn't seem to want to stay on and that could really bother a younger child. Her eyes are really pretty though. they are a sparkly light blue with a white planet and star in the pupil. Una has pink and purple eyeshadow and glittery eyelashes. Under her white bangs she has three pink circles outlined in purple (same colors as eyeshadow) over each eye. Her pet is kind of cute with his clear blue head, yellowy green body, and pink feet. Molecule has purple and black striped horns, little white fangs and purple hearts in his eyes.
Honestly I'm not very impressed by this doll and even for the sale price I don't think it was worth it. I might by one of the Orbit Beach dolls to see if it was just this particular doll or something with the product line.
At the regular price point for this doll, I would pass and buy something better quality like a Monster High or Barbie doll.