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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monster High Jinafire Long

With the release of the Scaris line we have seen a couple of new characters join the Monster High family, one of these characters is Jinafire Long the daughter of the Chinese Dragon. Jinafire is one of the ghouls the Monster High ghouls meet on there trip.
The Jinafire doll is gold color with a scale design all over her body. She has a long slender gold tail with green on the end.She has long bright green hair (that matches the green on her tail) with black streaks. Some of her hair is styled into a bun on top of her head and has a Chinese decoration attached with plastic bands.She has yellow and green reptilian eyes with pink eye makeup and dark plum colored lips.
She is wearing a dark purple dress with blue and red print and a black mesh with red scale design as a sleeve on her left arm. She has on a gold belt with a charm that has a skull on it and more of the black and red mesh is attached to the belt.She has on red and gold high heels with a tassel design, her earrings are also red with the same design, and on her right arm she is wearing a red arm cuff. Her scales stop on top of her hands and she has long clawed fingers. She comes with a red suitcase with a traditional Chinese dragon design. the suitcase has gold decoration at the top and a black handle. She comes with a travel journal that has a picture of her pet on the cover. she also comes with a black hair brush and stand.
The artwork on the background of the box is very detailed. If you look closely you can see Deuce riding a motor scooter. Rochelle's gargoyle boyfriend is also in the background along with shadows of the other ghouls.
The back of the box contains a group photo of all the characters in the Scaris deluxe line, and Jinafire's biography.
I think she is very unique and I love having new characters with a more international story.
What do you think of Jnafire? Who do you like better her or Skelita?