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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Upcoming Ever After High Characters

We are just a few days in to 2015 and we are starting to see leaks of several new lines and characters from different toy lines. The Ever After High line is adding a few more students:
Allistar Wonderland- who many are comparing to a Ken doll
Bunny Blanc-daughter of the White Rabbit
Rosabella Beauty- daughter of Beauty and the Beast, also cousin to Briar Beauty
Faybelle Thorn- daughter of the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty
Darling Charming- daughter of king charming, sister to Daring and Dexter. I'm not sure why we are getting a doll of Darling before Daring.
A quick google search of these will reveal pictures. 
There will also be a Dexter/Raven Date 2 pack and a Raven/Apple School Spirit 2 pack.
Duchess Swan should become more widely available soon as well.
Who is your favorite of the upcoming EAH dolls?