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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Monster High 2015

So many pictures have leaked over the last few days and it looks like 2015 should be a good year for Monster High fans. Expect several new lines and new characters. Some things to expect are:
Monster Exchange
I know the first wave of this is already available in most areas but there is supposedly a second wave coming with new characters Batsy Claro, Isi Dawndancer, and Kjersti Trollson.
The Fan Vote Contest Winner
Finnegan Wake won the fan vote on and is suppose to be getting a doll in 2015.
Boo York Boo York
Monster High's first musical will introduce us to four new characters and bring the return of one that many have been waiting for. The new characters are Mousecedes King, Luna Mothews, Elle Eedee, and Astranova who comes in a play set. The line will also give us a new Catty Noir and the return of Nefera De Nile. The Boo York line also includes the Comet Crossed Lovers Cleo/Deuce two pack. The budget dolls for Boo York will be Operetta, Clawdeen and Draculaura.
Couple two packs 
As mentioned above there will be a Cleo/Deuce two pack as well as a Garrot/Rochelle and a Lagoona/Gil two pack.
Freak du Chic
A circus/carnival themed line that will include at least one new character Gooliope Jellyington. The Gooliope doll is  seventeen inches tall and seems like a cross between the 50 ft. woman and the blob. Other characters in the line include Frankie, Toralei, Honey Swamp, Jinafire and Rochelle with a play set.
Ghoul Fair
This line appears to be a budget line and includes Howleen, Elissabat, Spectra (who has green streaks in her hair) and Heath.
New Monster High play set 
The new play set is suppose to be as large as the Catacombs set and also has the display clips like the Catacombs set. Expect that to be in the same price range as the Catacombs set as well.
Fright Mares 
This appears to be a set of four female centaurs with long hair and wings. I have heard a lot of My Little Pony comparisons already.
More Vinyls 
I have yet to see the first wave of these in person but there are already leaked photos of the next wave. The next wave of vinyls include:

Amanita Nightshade
With her description up on Amazon and part of a back story in Cleo's new diary I am very anxious to see this doll.

It looks like 2015 might be the year of Monster High, with Toy Fair in February I'm sure we will see even more interesting things for 2015. What Monster High things are looking forward to the most this year?