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Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Generation All Decked Out Outfit

One of the outfits that my dolls received as a gift was the very cute Our Generation All Decked Out ensemble. It includes red,plastic shoes with a molded heart on the top, white socks with ruffles (I had socks like this as a child), a blue and white striped sleeveless dress, a red shrug jacket, and a hat.
The hat is very cute and has a stitched anchor design. The dress looks good even without the jacket and I think the jacket serves just to add a pop of color to the dress.
The seams are all finished and the stitching is very nice not loose or fraying. I love the quality of the outfit even if the plastic shoes leave a bit to be desired, the single boxes of shoes seem to be almost the same quality as American Girl shoes and retail for about $7. The outfit fits my American Girl dolls very well and they are ready for warm summer days.