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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

12/23 Update: American Girl of the Year 2015

American Girl had posted stock photos of Grace and her items on the website but removed them. You can however see them at the site below
I really like her collection so far, what do you think of Grace and her collection?

An image of the Grace mini doll has surfaced ( I'm not posting the photo because AG has asked others to remove the photo from their sites). We finally know what she will look like, she has dark brown or black hair with bangs, blue eyes, and appears to have freckles. She does not appear to have the classic face mold but either the Josefina or Marie Grace mold.
I find the mini doll to be very cute and can't wait to see what her 18 inch counterpart looks like. I know the mini doll will be making her way to my house.

The Grace mini doll is now available for preorder from Barnes and Noble.

We now have the descriptions for the two other books in Grace's collection
Grace Stirs It Up

Grace Makes It Great

What do you think of the books?

We can now confirm that the Girl of the Year for 2015 will be named Grace.

This information was in Library of Congress catalog and the description matched the description available on Amazon.

A third book description is now available on amazon, with a release date of late May 2015.
We now know that "Coco's" grandparents own a bakery that might have to close. "Coco" and her friends intend on using their culinary skills to help keep it open. 
I'm really excited to see what this doll looks like and I'm glad they chose something a little different with one of her talents being baking.
The book descriptions have been added to Amazon and are a little different from the movie description.
Book 1:
Book 2:

The books are written by Mary Casanova who wrote the books for GOTY Jess, Chrissa, and McKenna and illustrated by Sarah Davis who illustrated Kanani's and Saige's books. According to the book summaries GoTY 2015 is a nine year old from Massachusetts and has relatives in France whom she goes to visit. She has an interest in starting a business with her friends.
We now have a tiny bit of information on the upcoming GoTY for 2015. According to there is a movie about to go into production about a girl (code name Coco) who is trying to save her grandparents ice cream shop from being shut down.
We will continue to update as we get more information.