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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I'm just a little behind in posting this but I wanted to update everyone who might not know on some of the doll lines that have been discontinued in 2014.

1. Cutie Pops 
I really enjoyed these dolls with their cute personalities.

2. La Dee Da
I was really looking forward to the second wave of Juicy Crush dolls and I really like the themes that this line had. The Fairy Tale Dance and Art Show dolls were among some of the most well thought out in the play doll market.

3. Pinkie Cooper
I really liked the Pinkie Cooper line and thought they were very unique. I like how the ears were reversible so you had two  colors of hair to choose from and they had cute faces. 

4. Kawaii Crush
These dolls were cute with their animal themed hats and accessories. 

*5. Bratz
*These are suppose to return in 2015 according to the press releases.

I miss seeing all these lines on the store shelves, they each had something special to offer.

Do you know of any other lines that were discontinued this year?

Which line will you miss the most?