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Thursday, February 13, 2014

New American Girl Items

It's been snowing all night here and with everything closed I finally get a day to catch up with my online shopping. Today was the release of several new items on the American Girl website, and I'm excited to say that we have new Historical items. I think sometimes the historical collection gets overlooked, but Kit, Kaya, Julie and Rebecca all got limited edition outfit set. Addy, Caroline, Rebecca, Kit, and Julie all received hair styling sets as well. I was excited to see something new for Addy and a snood that can be worn with several outfits is a great thing.
I love Julie's new dress, it is very era appropriate. Rebecca's butterfly outfit is my personal favorite and I'm sure this outfit will look great on other dolls as well.
I was slightly disappointed that Josefina didn't receive anything, but maybe later on in the year she will. Marie Grace and Cecile didn't receive new outfits either but they received special edition sets the summer after their release, and the others did not.
Of the My American Girl items I really like the egg decorating set, a favorite tradition of mine growing up, and the new floral swim set. I think the cover up with the swimsuit is really cute. I also like the chair covers for the new table and chair set, and I'm hoping we will get more chair covers to keep adding to the decorating possibilities with this set.
I think the price on the special edition sets is a bit expensive, but they are better priced than the limited edition holiday outfit was.
Also a lot of Isabelle's accessories are already on backorder.
What is your favorite new item from American Girl?