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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

American Girl Samantha Returns

With all the goings on here this week I didn't get to check Facebook until today. When I did I saw that American Girl had confirmed the rumor that they were bringing Samantha Parkington out of the archives. Samantha has been archived for several years, but was the most popular doll of her era, she also had the largest collection of any doll. According to Mattel this is the beginning of several changes to the Historical line. I'm not sure what they are planning on doing with this line but it is my favorite of the American Girl lines.
I'm very excited to see Samantha again and I'm glad that others who want to own her will get the chance to buy her new. I'm hoping that some of her collection or new items for her collection will be released. 
What do think Mattel has in store for the Historical line?
What would you like to see?