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Sunday, February 23, 2014

American Girl Washington DC

We happened to be in the area of the Washington DC American Girl store Saturday night, purely on accident. Ok so maybe a bit on purpose but of course we had to stop and look around. We arrived not long before closing time and I was able to take a few photos to share with everyone. 
I really love the limited edition Historical outfits, just not crazy about the cost. The more I see of Rebecca's butterfly outfit the more I love it, it is probably my favorite and I'm sure despite the cost it will make it into my collection. Speaking of Rebecca, her Spring dress was out of stock while I was there, and I didn't see it available online or even listed online.
I also really loved Julie's Dance outfit, and the double boiler in Kit's chocolate set. 
The new floral swim set for the MAGs is also a favorite.
I bought several accessories for some of my dolls, and a new girl made her way into my shopping bag too. There will be more posts to come with the items I purchased.
I also received confirmation that we will see some of Samantha's items brought back but with a new twist. I'm really excited for that.