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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shelf Sitters

Have you ever seen the same toy just sit on the shelf at your local store for months and months, even after newer versions or lines are released? I knew I wasn't the only one. I thought it would be interesting to share what shelf sits in our areas.
In my area the shelf sitters are:

Monster High Freaky Fusion dolls
Monster High Wolf Family Four Pack
Monster High Boo York
Ever After High-most everything, we still had the O'Hair twins in the original style box the last time I was there and Ashlynn/Hunter sets.
Disney Princess Dolls- Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella seem to be the least popular here, most popular seems to be Rapunzel or Ariel
Barbie- we still have 2012 Barbie for President dolls
Disney Fairies-Pirate Fairies Tinkerbell and Wendy's Music Box

In the clearance section you can still find:
La Dee Da dolls Garden Party and Juicy Crush
Pinkie Cooper dolls
Funky Glow Bratz dolls
Winx Flying Bloom dolls
Monster High Sweet 1600 Clawdeen
Inner Monster Dolls and add on packs
Cutie Pops Caramel
Cutie Pops accessory packs
Monster High Die-Ner set
Vi and Va dolls

What do you have shelf sitting in your area?