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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Generation Love Blooms Retro Set

This year the Our Generation Retro sets have a 1970s theme. From lava lamps to tie-dyed headbands these sets are bringing a past era to life again. I purchased several of these sets and wanted to review the Love Blooms Set today.
Our Generation Love Blooms Set $6.99

This set includes daisy sunglasses, a bongo drum, a multicolored headband, a necklace with a multicolored striped pendent, and flower stickers. I'm not sure why the stickers are included but I might eventually use them to decorate the drum. The pendent is nice and heavy and on a black cord, it's not adjustable without untying the knot so it is a little long when the doll is wearing it. 
Olivia modeling the Love Blooms set, you can see how long the necklace is.
The hair band is three multicolored cords braided together and attached to a piece of elastic. The drum is hollow plastic and the the details are painted on, the top of my drum has a few paint scratches.

I really like this set, especially the headband. I think it looks adorable on Olivia, even if it doesn't quite match her current outfit.

I feel the Our Generation sets have great play value for there price and I look forward to picking up more the next time I'm in Target. Do you have a favorite OurGeneration  set?