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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Song of the Mockingbird Book Review

Song of the Mockingbird is the title of American Girl Josefina's new (released August 27) Journey book. American Girl Journey books have you go back in time to meet the character and from there you decide how the story goes. At certain plot points you are asked to chose between two situations each leading to a different outcome.
Now for the fun stuff:
Title: Song of the Mockingbird
Length:198 pages total
Author: Emma Carlson Berne
Main Characters: Josefina and 
Synopsis: The reader is given the role of a girl nicknamed Birdy, whose family just moved from Chicago to Santa Fe. She is having a hard time adjusting, misses her friends, and is upset that the rest of her family doesn't seem to miss Chicago. While out on a walk she finds a bird shaped clay flute that seems to have been made in the mid 1800s. When she plays the flute she goes back in time to New Mexico in the early 1800s. A girl her age comes out of a house and runs to her speaking Spanish, the girl introduces herself as Josefina. When Birdy speaks she realizes she is speaking Spanish and Josefina thinking she is lost takes her inside the rancho. 
From here you get to choose your adventure which could include encountering a mountain lion, or visiting Santa Fe. At the end Birdy learns to appreciate her new home for what it is.
Final Thoughts: Anyone who has ever moved can relate to Birdy's struggle to adapt to a new place. The adventures are fun and you can always go back and pick the other option to see how that adventure would play out. A good read with good lessons.