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Monday, March 30, 2015

Our Generation Irish Setter Pup

I purchased this adorable Our Generation Irish Setter Dog a few weeks ago. Our Generation products are sold at Target and the dogs retails for about three dollars each. He was attached to the piece of carboard with three plastic ties and was easy to remove.The packaging was Our Generation's usual recycled cardboard and had the heart shape in the barcode, which always makes me smile. 
This dog has soft brown fur with fuzzy ears, his eyes and nose are stitched on.The white part of his left eye doesn't seem to be as circular as the one in his right eye, like it might have a loose or extra stitch.The Our Generation dogs have soft bodies and stand approximately 3 inches tall. They include a ribbon collar with a leash stitched to it. The leash has a small loop on the end that I was able to get one of Bria's fingers in. There is also a pink plastic og logo "tag" attached to the collar and it seems really large in proportion to the dog's body. I think the pup looks really small compared to Bria. It seems the Our Generation dogs would represent puppies better than full grown dogs, at least for 18 inch dolls.
What do you think of the Our Generation pups?