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Sunday, March 15, 2015

AGP DC Trip and Out of Stock Items

I took a trip to the Washington DC American Girl store today and a LOT of items were temporarily out if stock. 
Chocolate Lab Puppy
Himalayan Kitten
Jeweled Collar and Leash
Pet Treats and Eats Set
Blossoms Collar and Leash
Grace's Welcome Gifts
Grace's French Bulldog Bonbon
Charming Pet Collar
My American Girl #55
Service Dog Vest
Grace's City Outfit

It seems like all the pets are selling well with the 20% off sale (or maybe they are going to revamp them again).

Grace seems to be selling very well, I saw several girls saying "look, look, it's the doll from the commercial." I also saw several girls with their dolls dressed in the  City Outfit, it looked really cute on a Kaya I saw. One of the sales people told me that Grace is selling better than Isabelle did last year.
The child outfit inspired by Rebecca's limited edition set was also really popular.    There were only a few left in stock and I saw two being purchased while I was there.
There were a few things on my shopping list that were sold out, but I did get some other things I wanted. 
Samantha's gazebo is gorgeous, if I had enough space for such a display it would definitely be mine.
What are your thoughts on the temporarily out of stock items? What sells well in your area?