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Monday, February 2, 2015

Our Generation Gotta Bowl Outfit

The Our Generation Retro line has several cute outfits and accessories. My favorite outfit from the Retro line would have to be the Gotta Bowl outfit. This set includes a jacket, tank top, jeans, bowling shoes, bowling ball and a plastic hanger.
The jacket is made to look like a varsity jacket with white sleeves and a red body with red and white stripes at the wrist and bottom of the jacket.  The jacket has real working plastic snaps and the letters o g on a piece of felt material that is stitched onto the jacket. Also included is a basic pink tank top that velcros shut in the back, and a pair of doll sized blue jeans that Velcro in the front.
The set comes with a pink plastic bowling ball that has three finger holes in it. American Girl dolls can hold onto the ball but not as well as the Our Generation dolls due to their finger and hand shape. The bowling shoes are very cute, and have the traditional multicolored stripes just not in traditional colors. The Gotta Bowl bowling shoes are black, white and pink with white laces that can tied and untied. They have a soft flexible appearance but are very well stitched and have soft soles. 
The tank top and jeans have excellent mix and match abilities but my favorite pieces are the jacket, shoes and bowling ball (and that's only because the dolls can hold it on their own).