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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Kawaii Crush Amanda Panda Pop

I bought this little cutie months ago and finally got around to freeing her from her plastic for a review. The little Kawaii crush figures are about two and a half inches tall and hinged at the waist so they can sit down but their hair is too long for that. Amanda has long teal colored soft plastic molded hair. She has large eyes rimmed in lavender with dark purple accents, and little white hearts. Her lips are dark pink and pursed and her nose is so tiny you cant really see it. her hands and arms are painted purple as is her skirt and her mid section is painted white. Her clothes are a soft vinyl and includes a pair of white shoes with purple painted ears and eyes, they are silted down the back so that you can get them on and off easily. She has a pair of purple pants that are open in the back so they can be slide on and off and a white skirt with purple panda eyes and ears, the skirt is slit all the way down the back. She comes with a cute purple and white panda baseball style hat and a purple and white panda hat. The panda hat has molded white stitching and the nose and area around he eyes is made to look like it has been sewn. The baseball style cap is made from a slightly hard plastic while the other panda hat is made from the same soft vinyl as the clothes. She comes with a small purple and white panda pet wearing a matching baseball style hat with slots for his ears. the little panda's hat is removable. Little panda can stand on his own but its hard to balance him at first because he is top heavy. I think these figures are really cute and might make great toys for some of the larger dolls like American Girl or Journey Girls.

The adorable logo. How can you resist that cut little cloud?

Amanda and Little Panda