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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Monster High Scaris Rochelle

Sunday "Monster High Scaris: City of Frights" was shown on Nick. I thought I would share some of my other Scaris dolls with you. I will start by saying that I really loved this movie and thought that it was better than "Ghoul's Rule." I was a little surprised to see that the outfits designed by Clawdeen for the "fashion mob" were the fashion pack outfits, but that is a great marketing technique. Okay, on to the review, we are going to look at Scaris Rochelle. I really liked the basic edition of Rochelle, and was unsure if I should buy the Scaris version (trying to cut back on my collection a little bit). What really made me purchase this doll is her dress with the Eiffel Tower on it, the beautiful suitcase, and the fact that is based on Monster High's version of Paris.
Rochelle has grey granite skin with pink eyes. She has silver and pink eyeshadow with a line of turquoise through it. The silver eyeshadow under her eyes reflects light and looks almost metallic. She has bubblegum pink lips and is wearing a grey hat with a pink bow that has a fleur de lis in the center of it, with one eye poking out the top. Rochelle is wearing a pink dress trimmed in black. The skirt of the dress is two tone pink with a picture of the Eiffel Tower up the side. The waist is trimmed in black and the top is a black, pink and light orange stain glass pattern. The top of the dress has pink lace detailing down the front and has black ribbon tank top style straps. Rochelle completes her outfit with black striped tights, two black and two turquoise bracelets and a pair of the most artistically designed pink shoes. She comes with a black stand and brush, a travel journal, and a very detailed suitcase. The suitcase is grey with a pink twisted style handle and a pink fleur de lis "lock."  The detailed design on the suitcase makes me think of the Notre Dame cathedral. This Rochelle doll has very thick pink and turquoise bangs that are a giant curl, her hair is styled into a simple pony tail and the ends are curlier than the hair on the basic Rochelle. The background art on all the Scaris boxes is the same but it is very detailed and makes me glad to keep the box.

Did you like the Scaris movie? Who was your favorite character?