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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Doll Pet Size Comparison Our Generation vs. My Life As

There are all sorts of pet options available for dolls in the 18 inch size family. I wanted to review two of the more well known brands today Our Generation and My Life As. The Our Generation brand is exclusive to Target and the My Life As brand is exclusive to Wal-Mart. The Our Generation pup retails for around $3 and the My Life As pup sells for $5. Both have stuffed bodies that are not posable and are made well for their price. The OG dog has features that are stitched while the MLA dog has plastic "button" features. Both dogs have a tag, a pink og tag on the OG dog and a shiny,bone shaped tag on the MLA. The biggest difference is size,
the OG dog is significantly smaller than the MLA dog. When compared to an American Girl doll
the OG dog looks like a very small puppy, while the MLA dog resembles a smaller size dog. I enjoy having both of these pups in my collection and am glad that there is a size difference and variety between the lines.
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