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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Update: New Truly Me Doll

Update May 27:
We now know that there were three new dolls released with the launch of Truly Me and one doll that was revised.
Doll #62 has the Sonali mold and medium skin which is a new combination.

Doll #62 has the classic mold with blond hair and light skin
Doll #64 has the Jess mold and her hair seems to be longer than the hair on the other Jess mold dolls.

#54 was revised to give an appearance that looks more like Ivy Ling than the other Jess mold dolls

From the stock photos I have to say that the revised #54 is my favorite of the new releases, but I'm not sure which will be my favorite once I see them in person.
What do you think of the new Truly Me dolls?

While watching the hair tips on the American Girl site I noticed there seems to be new doll in the background. Could she be one of the new Truly Me dolls that is set to debut soon? What do you think of the new doll?